Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My HAIR Healthy Hair Journey: 1st Anniversary

"Wow, time sure does fly.  I can't believe that it has already been a year since I first started on this journey to healthier, stronger, thicker, longer and generally better hair".

Since the beginning of my journey alot has changed, both in my hair and the way I take care of it.  I have always been a bit of a product junkie but I managed to curb this a little by using mainly keracare products when I was visiting the salon from 2001 through to 2010. Whilst visiting the salon my practices got better, my relaxer and occasional treatments were carried out there. Despite this and the amount of money spent, my hair broke badly at the nape and thinned horribly on the right hand side! To me, my hair was no better than the days prior to my regular salon visits.   Before going to the salon, I never really went to a salon for anything:-

  • I didn't get my hair trimmed
  • I rarely used a blowdryer
  • I self relaxed using a bad technique and no gloves
  • I left the relaxer on my hair for at times up to 1 hour
  • I smoothed relaxer through with the teeth of a fine comb!!!!  (I'm cringeing as I type!)
  • I overlapped my relaxer (still cringeing!)
  • I was scared to wash my hair after a relaxer incase it reverted
  • I combed my hair from roots to ends
  • I didn't moisturise and seal daily
  • I didn't even know what a protein treatment was, although I did carry them out occasionaly, by accident.
  • I thought black ladies couldnt' grow long hair, especially if they didn't live in the USA

In short, my hair practices were dreadful shameful!  I would never ever go back to those days.

Nowadays, my hair is firmly on my priority list.  I take care of it on a daily basis.  There is never a day when I don't think about the welbeing of my hair.  Probably sounds sad but after all the time, money and effort I have spent over the past year, I would be a fool to start slipping - ever!

  • I now have a regimen
  • I  now have staple products that I use regularly
  • I moisturise my hair EVERY DAY usually twice or more
  • I seal my hair EVER DAY sometimes twice or more
  • I use natural oils on my scalp
  • I read ingredients on products and understand what most of the ingredients do to my hair
  • I use protective styles 90% of the time
  • I deep condition once or twice a week
  • I cowash at least once a week
  • I shampoo at least once a week
  • I use a detangler
  • I use quality tools and use them properly
  • I have a brilliant wide tooth comb
  • I comb only on wash days, I finger comb my hair at all other times
  • I self relax (texlax) using healthier techniques, a high quality relaxer and help for the bits I can't see
  • I wash my hair 3-5 days after a relaxer
  • My GHD's and my hair don't see much of each other these days
  • I learned how to make a quick weave and in the past year have made a total of 4
  • I now know the benefits of washing my hair in braids, chelating, moisturisng, protein,  clarifying, cowashing, natural oil and natural products, ayuveda, deep conditioning, stretching relaxers, texlaxing, protective styling, limiting heat, airdrying, not using hair grease, using leave in conditioners, PH balance, moisture & protein balance, setbacks and so much more. 
  • I now have this blog, to document my progress, experiments and setbacks
  • I know black ladies can grow healthy and long hair, relaxed, natural or inbetween no matter where in the world they happen to live!
  • I have an open mind and am not set in my ways insisting on using techniques and products which blatantly don't yield results

I really have learned loads in this past year and I am still soaking everything up like a sponge as I still have so much to learn.  It is great to have many reference sites to see differing opinions and then make your own based upon your own head of hair.  I thank all of the ladies who have taken the time to document their personal journeys to healthier hair on personal blogs, forums and of course YouTube.  It is refreshing that so many people want to help others ladies achieve beautiful hair, whether that be natural, relaxed or in between!

On this my first year anniversary I am pleased to say that my hair is healthier and thicker.  It's really not any longer than it was when I started, but most of the hair on my head is now texlaxed and I only have about an inch or two or relaxed hair left.  The coming year for me will be all about retaining, thickness, health and length and controlling shedding. 

Hair Journey's take hard work and dedication, well in my experience that is the case.  But in the long run, it will be worth it. It already is!

Hopefully I will turn a corner soon and be sporting APL hair this time next year.

Wish me luck!

Thanks Everyone


  1. An hour?? Dear God, I'm so glad you found the light. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Yes, there were a few 1 hour relaxer episodes back in the day. Needless to say I suffered with scalp burns, something I don't ever want to go through again!

  3. Love ur blog I can't find the link to follow tho??? Could u follow mine as well. I am just beginning my journey to healthy hair!! Following you guys journey helps me be patient & look forward to what's to come. I do have a question what is TGE difference in oils (olive, coconut, virgin ect) how do I know which to use for my hair???

  4. Hi Shay

    Sorry, I have been having problems with logging in leave comments on my own blog which I need to look into.

    I'm really pleased that you like my blog. I have taken a look at yours and am now a follower. I really like your selection of wigs!!

    I'm probably not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the various benefits and differences between products. I am a serious PJ and try lots of things on my hair. If I don't get good results I move on.

    With regards to olive oil, I have never really got along with this for my hair, besides I really don't like the smell of it. I cook with it but just don't like the smell of it on my hair or skin so choose not to seal with this oil. I do add it to my henna gloss mixes though for it's moisturising properties. Another thing I noticed when I used it for a short period of time is that it used to make my hair feel kinda dry and hard when I used it to seal.

    Now, on the other hand coconut oil I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! This oil is great for my hair and skin. It is extremely moisturising, light and has so many uses and health benefits. I use it to seal, in my conditioner and henna gloss mixes. I also use it to soften my new growth, and also when detangling before I wash or cowash on wash days.

    As you can see, my preference is most definitely for coconut oil. It is the only oil that actually moisturises the hair shaft. It is also a strengthening oil. Olive oil is a great moisturising oil for alot of people, it just doesn't work so well for me but I have managed to find a way that I can work it into my regimen.

    Ciao 4 Now


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