Friday, 15 July 2011

Best Laid Plans......

"I received some news when I got home yesterday which means I have to change all my plans for my weave install. I was going to get the weave installed by a professional which is why I purchased good quality hair as I am 100% sure it would have been installed perfectly. "

Due to reasons in my personal life I will be unable to go ahead with my weave install as previously planned.  I am GUTTED!!!

My mum, bless her heart, after seeeing how upset and stressed I am has taken pity on me and said she will install it for me so I'm probably gonna bite the bullet and see what we can do with a mixture of her skills, my directions and the trusty assistance of YouTube.

It's times like this when I really wish I had got my mum to teach me how to plait cos I would just do it myself!!!"

Wish me luck!


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