Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Wash Day HAIR Clips.....

"I've posted many times in my Wash Day posts about sectioning my hair and securing the ends.  I have used a few methods, hair pins, mini claw clips, metal barrettes, mini scrunchies and metal snap clips with the latter being the most effective.  I have however, from the very start, been searching high and low for this type of childs hair clips which I remembered from my childhood, but could not find what I was looking for ANYWHERE, that was until yesterday!!"

Metal Contour (Snap) Clips

SUCCESS - Metal Contour (Snap) Clips
I have been using these metal contour (snap) clips for months now, pretty much since the beginning of 2011.  They are really effective.  They haven't caused any negative effects for my hair so far, well not that I have noticed.  I have always been super careful when putting them into my hair and when taking them out.  I would have been happy to stick with these but I really wanted to try the clips I had in mind as I wanted to try something that didn't squash my hair together so much, especially in time when my hair gets thicker.

FAIL - The scrunchies I tried
Mini Scrunchies

These were a complete fail.  Infact I remember not getting through the whole wash process using these.  My hair is too short and the ends are too thin to use these.

Mini Claw Clips

SUCCESS - Mini Claw Clips
These were a partial success as they were useful when I used to undo each section to wash, redo it then undo again to deep condition.  I no longer use this method as it involved too much maniupulation which resulted in increased breakage and shedding.

Hair Pins

Again, these were effective when I used to undo each section as I went along.  I still use these when deep conditioning under my steam cap or overnight in order to keep the hair piled on top of my head.  I love hair pins.  I have loads of them but always seem to lose them somewhere!!!

Goody Metal Barrette

FAIL - Metal Barrette
This item really didn't work for my hair.  I brought them in October 2010 and used them once.  My hair was way too thin at the time for these to stay in.  So much so that they just slid out of my hair as soon as my hair was wet.  Also, these were extemely heavy.  I never used them again, but I kept them just incase as they were about £4 for 2!!!

SUCCESS - Plastic Barrettes
Even though I am currently in a the middle of a product ban, I had to stock up on a few staples yesterday and sods law, happened to stumble upon these clips.  I used them during my recent wash day.  They worked like a charm.  They didn't slip out of my hair at all and stayed in nice and securely.  I am so pleased that I managed to find these FINALLY!!!!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. even I am hunting badly madly for these purple green clips where did u find.

  2. @Amit Jain

    I managed to find them in a local hair shop. I was very happy indeed.


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