Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Weave Wash Day 25.07.11 (Cowash)

"I'd planned wash my hair on Friday but was too busy to do it over the weekend so decided to do it this morning instead because boy was my head itching!!!   I didn't have all my hair stuff with me so decided against a shampoo wash and opted for a cowash instead."

  • Pre poo'd leave out hair with coconut oil for 15mins.
  • Lightly detangled.
  • Next added ORS Replenishing Conditioner to leave out hair on top of the coconut oil for a further 20mins.
  • Pre poo'd the weave with a small amount of coconut oil just on the ends and then covered this with Elasta QP Intense Conditioner for 15mins
  • Mixed HEHH conditioner and V05 Moisture Elixr Conditioner with warm/hot water and shook well.
  • Next I hopped into the shower and saturated my hair with water for 3mins
  • Once hair was completely saturated I applied the watered down conditioner mixutre to my scalp and massaged in lighlty for 2mins.
  • Next I cowashed the weave hair with VO5 ME conditioner mixed with a tiny bit of shampoo at the base of the weave to make sure it was not oily.
  • Next I throughly rinsed my hair and cowashed my leaveout hair at the sametime.
  • After rinsing for about 5mins I covered my hair with a towel to soak up excess moisture.
  • I then applied S-Curl No Drip Activator to my scalp and a little to the weave hair concentratin g on the ends. 
  • I then added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter to enhance the curls of the weave hair
  • I then air dried with three bantu knots at the front with were mixed in with some on the weave hair for a better blend.  
  • Once partially dried, I undid the bantu knots and that was me for the day.

I must say I am pretty impressed at how easy it was to wash my hair today, when compared to a normal wash day with my own hair.   My roots took a long time to dry but I didn't have either my blowdrier or my hooded drier with me today so I just went outside in the UK sunshine and that helped to dry my roots quicker, especially as the wind blew through my hair whilst driving with the windows down.

Ciao 4 Now

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