Sunday, 9 February 2014

Wash Day Diary @ 28 Weeks Post: 05.02.14 (Hard Protein Treatment)

“I almost couldn’t be bothered to document this wash day. I didn’t feel like taking photos and I really didn’t feel like writing this post!” 

Before this wash day I noticed that I had some breakage at the front of my hairline.   At least I think it's breakage but when your hair has been shedding heavily (falling out from the roots), how do you differentiate between breakage and new hair growing back?

Anyway, as a precaution I have gone back to wearing an inside out skull cap as my preferred wig cap because the smooth satin material doesn't rub my hairline out.  I have no idea why I stopped wearing them for the past month because they work just as well underneath my lace units as a traditional wig cap and aren't visible.

I also decided to add some heavy protein to this wash day.  A few days have passed since the wash day so I am documenting the event for reference purposes. 

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