Thursday, 14 July 2011

My 'Brazilian' HAIR Has Arrived

"After seeing the fantastic results of Tola's recent installs, I have decided to take the plunge and get a weave!! "

I swore off weaves years ago and this was reinforced by a scary install experiment just last year. I looked like a crazy lady!!!  The hair didn't look at all natural (it was synthetic), I used WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY too much and overall it was just plain wrong! I hated it so much that I took it out three days later and made my first quick weave instead! I know this experience will be a much better experience and now that the hair has arrived, I can go full steam ahead with the install!

Now all I need to do is confirm date and prepare the hair.  I really am looking forward to having a bit of time off from dealing with my hair.  I know I will still need to wash, condition and moisturise my hair (and the weave hair) regularly, but I think it will be a whole lot less stressfull as I won't have to see my shed hair on a daily and weekly basis.  I can just concentrate on keeping my ends hidden and pamper my scalp with regular applications of growth aid and my roots with castor oil.

I'm so excited!!!   I will do a post on the hair in a couple of days when I have had a chance to upload pictures of the hair.

I will just have to psych myself up for the de-install shedding when it's time to take the weave out.

Ciao 4 Now

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