Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Hair Is STILL Shedding & Breaking Every-Single-Day…….

This may be down to my terrible iron levels, or it could be due to my stretch, although I am only at wks post. Besides, this has been going on since before my last relaxer.

Either way I don’t really care I just hate the amount of hair that I’m losing! I just want to cry.

I need to sort this out – quickly! Before I end up bald!

Ciao 4 Now

Friday, 20 May 2011

Yet Another Self-Trim #3

My sisters Carbide scissors
As a result of my excessive shedding and breakage I have been experiencing I've decided to carry out yet another self trim.  I was also motivated to do this trim/cut because the right side of my hair is significantly shorter and thinner than the left side which seems to be doing just fine.  

Everytime I wash my hair since the start of my hair journey, the right side of my hair has shedded moreso than the left which is annoying.  Along with my nape, this area was also causing me issues when I was going to a stylist for my hair care needs.  The right side was shorter and thinner for about 2-3yrs.  This is strange because the left side of my hair was always the more troublesome and was always thinner than the right side.  I think the thinness was caused by wrapping my hair on the same side night after night, in the days when I used to wrap my hair.  I think the issues I am experiencing now are a result of that long term damage and will only improve once my hair has grown out.

I was a little fed up with my hair on my birthday, so the day after I decided that it was time for the scissors to come out.

This time I used my sisters Carbide scissors which are so sharp and quite frankly amazing (so amazing that I decided to get myself a pair from this seller on Ebay!!!).  They are really fantastic scissors.

I ended up taking off about 1 inch of hair on average all over my head.  My hair feels and looks a whole lot better for doing so.
Hair trimmed this time.  Unfortunately I forgot my trusty 1 penny for size comparison

My aim is to get rid of all of my relaxed ends and just be left with texlaxed hair.  I'm really pleased to be taking this route because I would prefer to keep my hair short instead of having to deal with three different textures during my stretches and having to spend a huge amount of time detangling.  That said, I really do hope that my hair hurries up and grows during the next year.  I am almost 1year into my HHJ and although I have gained health and some thickness, the length is just the same as when I started, due to the trims I have had no choice but to perform.

C'mon, somebody hide those scissors from me!!!

Ciao 4 Now


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh Heck, I think I've OD'd on protein!!!

After carrying out my protein treatment on Friday 13th May (perhaps I should have taken a hint with the date....!!!)

With hindsight, I think that maybe I should have opted fir a light protein treatment using Aphogee 2 Min reconstructor for 2-5mins instead of the Aphogee Two Step Treatment.

Hey Ho!

Since last week my hair has been feeling really d-r-y and hard and has been quite difficult to keep moisturised.

For now, I am trying to steer clear of all products that have protein in them and making sure I keep up with the moisture.  I won't be doing another hard protein treatment for about 6 months, I'll just keep up with my henna gloss treatments and light protein conditioning starting in about one months time.

Here's hoping that my efforts help and that disaster has been averted!

Wish me luck!


Saturday, 14 May 2011


I brought these 'Sprushes' in December 2010 after seeing a video of Miss Kibibi applying her deep conditioner in a relaxer tutorial video.  After seeing that video I thought to myself........I've gotta have me one of those brushes!!!

I had long been fed up with the pulling of the relaxer brush on my strands when applying deep conditioner, hot oil treatments and of course, relaxers.

I first used the green flat brush shown here when applying a hot oil treatment shortly after I received these brushes, which I ordered from eBay. I was really impressed at how easily they helped me to distribute the oil throughout my hair.  I really couldn't wait to try these when applying my relaxer in April.

When relaxer day came, I chose to use the yellow flat sprush and I gave my mum the flat green sprush.  Application of the relaxer went really well and it was way easier to a) control the amount of relaxer applied to each section and b) keep the relaxer to just the new growth during application.

I would never go back to using a normal 99p brush that you get in the BSS.  The green flat one is my favourite as it is more flexible than the yellow.   All being said, these are great brushes and I am so pleased that I saw the YouTube video of Miss Kibibi using these.

Ciao 4 Now

Post Holiday: Aphogee Protein Treatment #3

Aphogee Two Step Treatment decanted into spray bottle for easy application
As my hair had been in braids for almost two weeks and in the hot Barbados sun for a week I thought that my hair would benefit from a hard protein treatment upon taking out my braids.

Whilst taking out my braids however, I felt that my hair was in remarkably good condition.  Despite the fact I had been experiencing significant shedding for at least 2 weeks prior to having the braids installed my hair hardly shed at all when taking out the braids and detangling.  My hair felt soft and was incredibly shiny!!!

I decided to proceed with the protein treatment as planned...Thank goodness it's time to take out these braids and get My HAIR back;

1.  Firtst I cut the braids to a safe distance away from my hair so I didn't have to spend valuable time unraveling plaits for no reason.  Then carefully cut and fully detangled each section of my hair and put the sections into two strand twists. 

2.  Next I washed my hair with Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair which is a protein shampoo.

3.  After washing each section I added the Aphogee Two Step Treatment.  I always decant the required amount (or less) into a hairdressers spray bottle.  I then spray the protein treatment into my roots and then onto the lengths and ends of my hair. 

4.  After saturating my strands with the treatment, I roll each section up and secure them with a mini claw clip.

5.  Then, making sure I have a towel around my shoulders and either a towel or some paper towels in hand to mop up any drips, I then sit under the hooded dryer until the treatment has hardened and dried.

6.  Next, I rinsed out the treatment then added some Roux Porosity Control Conditioner / Corrector then deep conditioned without heat for three hours.

7.  I airdried my hair before putting my hair into bantu knots for a bantu knot out the next day.

Ciao 4 Now

Monday, 9 May 2011

Caring For My Braids Whilst On Holiday

Whilst on holiday, I've had to rethink my hair care routine to take into account the braids currently in my hair and the heat currently in Barbados. 

As the majority of my hair is unobtainable to moisurise and seal or indeed wash in the normal fashion, I have had to improvise with moisturising spritz's.  Over the past week, I have used both of the following:

  • Bee Mine Luscious Balancing Moisturising Cream mixed with rosewater to make a slighlty creamy consistency of spritz. 
  • Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter mixed with water mixed to a slightly thicker consistency than the Bee Mine Luscuious spritz made with rosewater.

I used both of these spritz's morning, afternoon, early evening and at night.  Basically, I put this stuff on my hair anytime I had a chance, preferably before it started feeling dry (which it did feel almost every day, despite my constant spritzing).

I oil my scalp with my oil concoction which is equal measures of JCBO. EVCO and Grapeseed Oil.  I then sealed with either this concoction, EVCO or Hot Six Oil Mist.

I have washed my hair in the braids every time it's got wet in either the sea of the pool using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo diluted with water and put into a spray bottle or KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo also mixed with water and decanted into a spray bottle.  This works a treat. I just saturate my hair with water, spray on the shampoo mix, rub lightly, leave whilst I continue with my shower and then rinse my hair.

I've also been able to deep condition using ORS Replenishing Pak which has been great!

After implementing this routine with my braids I have to hold my hands up and say that I am totally ashamed of myself for totally neglecting my hair in the past when it has been in braids.  I have always thought of braids as being a way to forget about my hair.  Since starting my HHJ I have learned that this is not the case and that you hair always needs to be looked after whether it is securely in braids or allowed to flow freely.

The lesson has been learnt loud and clear!!!   Lets hop my hair appreciates my efforts.

Ciao 4 Now

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My HAIR On Holiday: Chunky Braids

My holiday this year is in beautiful sunny Barbados.  

I am known for taking AGES to get ready so I figured that braids would be a great idea both as a protective style and would also save my boyfriend from getting bored waiting for me to get ready each day!!!

I've had braids installed many times before.  My mum has done them for me for years, since I was 7yrs old so that is a loooooooooong time.  In that time, I have only ever had my hair braided by two other people other than my lovely mum. xoxo

After the relaxing incident, I pre-booked my mum well in advance for lunchtime on Monday 02.05.11.  Usually I would go get my hair done at around 7pm but as I had packing etc to do I decided to go earlier.  And I'm so glad I did so.

I had purchased 5 x plaits of X-Pression synthetic hair in colours 2, 4 and 33 as my own hair is not a natural match for any of these colours when used by themselves.  The plan being, to mix these colours together for each braid using a varying amount of each colour.

I undid the packaging and was pleasantly surprised at how soft the hair felt.  The hair was also really really long.  When doubled up the hair was thigh length on me and I'm no shorty, at 5ft 8in I would say I am pretty tall so to me the hair was exceptionally long.  I started envisaging my super duper long plaits swaying in the breeze on the Bajan beaches!

I then started the take out a section of the colour 2 and that's when the real fun and games. TANGLES TANGLES and even more SODDING TANGLES!!!!! Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like it.  All of my earlier dreams of my super duper long hair deminished as quickly as they had arrived as I opened the colour 33 which was just as bad and then the colour 4 which was even worse!!!

Faced with this unfolding dilema, I started thinking I was going to have to make an impromtu drive to the hair shops in my town (which are generally rubbish!!!!) to go and get my regular type of hair which I always use.

After getting one section of hair together after about 10-15 mins, my lovely mum  (God bless her) attempted to install a knotless braid.  Unfortunately it didn't work and the situation was made worse by the awful hair that we were using.  At this point, I decided to get down to the shops and buy me some new hair.

When I arrived at the first shop they had every colour under the sun apart from colour 2 in the hair that I wanted.  Bright pink?  YES!  Blond mixed with 1B? YES!!! But alas no colour 2.  I was starting to think that telling my mum to chuck the X-Pression hair in the bin was a bit of a mistake.  I went to another shop and the situation was exactly the same, no colour 2!!!!  I called my mum.  She told me she had done as I'd said and thrown the hair out.  Luckily she was kidding - she's such a joker my mum!  I love her for not listening to me and my hasty decisions!!!!  I decided to go back to her house and try again with the X-Pression hair but this time cutting some of the length off and installing them using the knot technique so as to minimise the tangles.

When I arrived back at my mums house, we set about sectioning off 16 braids worth of hair.  It took over an hour and a half to do so as first we cut each pack of hair to the same length taking off about 10inches of hair.  We then combed through each section and even had to go to the lengths of adding serum to the hair to stop it tangling on itself.  It was a complete nightmare!!!!  I was so so very pleased that I decided to get my hair done earlier in the day than planned.  Even when taking sections of the hair we had to step on it or comb it apart.   I kept saying to my mum that this experience would be on the blog and that I wish I had been videoing us separating this damn hair!!!

Finally, the 16 sections were done, complete with serum and lightly twisted and stacked, ready (finally) for installation, 3hrs later.

My mum installed the first braid to see wether we had the desired thickness.  Now let me tell you, that first braid looked beautiful.  The mixture of colours was great, and the hair was so so so so soft.  If this hair didn't tangle so much I would have found my new go to hair of choice.

We continued to add the remaining braids and after about an hour I was now the new proud owner of a head full of hip length chunky braids, which I think look fantastic!!!

Thanks Mum x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

I've Finally Done My Henna Gloss Treatment

After realising that I was way overdue a henna gloss I decided to do one on 01.05.11, prior to getting my hair braided for my holiday in sunny Barbados!

This time, I've decided to document the process in pictures (sadly with no makeup on - oh heck!!!).

1.  I made up my up my henna by mixing 1 x 100g box of Auuyri Menhandi.  After mixing and leaving to sit for approx 5hrs and then cool, I placed it in the fridge for 2 days as I was not going to be home to carry out my henna gloss for a couple of days.  I've never left my henna for this long before in the fridge but I will definitely be doing it again in the future as the colour transfer was great!

2.  I removed the mixed henna from the fridge and left out for an hour and then mixed with all of my add ins, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, HEHH & Treseme Moisture Rich Conditioner;
The Add Ins lined up and waiting
Henna with add ins

I added the aloe vera juice after mixing all of the other ingredients togeter

Henna gloss with aloe vera juice added

Henna gloss with all ingredients mixed together

I've never added aloe vera juice to my henna before.  This was another 'experiment' and one that I will be repeating with all of my henna gloss treatmentsIt makes a nice loose but still sticky consistency which was soooooooo easy to apply

3.  Next I detangled my hair in sections as I always do, using Mane 'N' Tail Detangler.  I then applied warmed coconut oil to each of the sections in order to carry out a hot oil treatment prior to applying the henna gloss.

4.  After leaving the hot (warmed) oil treatment on my hair for 30mins I started applying the henna gloss using the same sections used to apply the oil.

I applied starting at the roots making sure every strand is covered and then worked my way down to the ends.

Henna applied to first section at the front
Once at the ends, I add a little more henna for good measure and just to be sure I haven't missed any bits and then I rolled each section up into a pin curl and then stuck it onto my head.  The henna is thick and gloopy so the hair sticks to my head easily and rarely unravels.

Example of  2 x sections with henna applied and rolled into a pin curl

5.  I then repeat this process until all of the sections have been coated in the henna mixture.
Oh how I wish I had put on some make up!

Hair covered with cling film and a shower cap
6.  I then covered my hair with cling film (saran wrap) and then put a shower cap on top just to make sure all the henna is covered, this stuff is so messy and looks like goose poo!  I have light coloured carpet in my living room so I make sure none of this stuff has any chance of getting anywhere near it!

7.  At the end of the process I thought I would have lots of henna left but as you can see from the pic below, I used pretty much all of the henna I had mixed.

8.   The end result is stronger hair which is a gorgeous shade of red.  My greys are nicely coloured a nice shade of orange red which act as highlights, which in my opinion is better and far less aging than GREY.

The whole process from start to finish takes me about 6hrs!  But it's well worth it.

Ciao 4 Now
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