Saturday, 19 April 2014

My eBay Lace Front Unit - Flat Ironed and Trimmed

"So, after FINALLY adding a few wefts to my new found best friend, I decided that this week is her week - which includes wearing her to work!"

I still had my curls left in the unit on Monday so I rocked her to work exactly like that....  Some smarty pants said that it looked nice and likened my hair to Esmeralda curls!

Now, this smarty pants may have thought she was being kind/witty but I'm sorry, if you mention the name Esmeralda to me I'm automatically going to think of Quasimodo!!!  So not the look I was going for.....


Thursday, 3 April 2014

My HAIR On My Mind: The Future For My HAIR


"Over the past month or so I have reached the decision that I will be taking an extended break from relaxing my hair.  Alongside this, I will be cutting the relaxed/texlaxed ends of my hair off over time.  I am hesitant to say that I am ‘going natural’ but what I can say is that having a relaxer doesn’t feature among my hair plans."

I am continually wearing wigs and plan to install some chunky twists in the coming weeks/months.  It has dawned on me that wearing my hair in these styles does not require my hair to be straight.   

Therefore, seeing as I don’t style my hair in a way which requires me to have these straight ends, I don’t really see the point of continuing to struggle with them on wash days.  It is just taking up way too much of my time, time which will be better spent doing other things.  I dread my lengthy wash days because of the tangle struggle and I put off each episode for as long as possible.  I have cut back my regime considerably from what it once was this has all been in the hopes of reducing my wash days.   It would be a breeze if it wasn’t for the relaxed ends.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wash Diary Diary @ 36 Weeks Post: 02.04.14

"Two wash day posts in one day – even though they actually took place almost a month apart!"

Yesterday I finally washed my hair, a whole week later than planned.....  I always know that I need to set aside most of the evening for wash days and that time in my schedule needs to conincide with me feeling up to the task that is Washing My HAIR!


Wash Day Diary @ Alot Of Weeks Post: w/c 03.03.14

"I haven’t posted my previous wash day diary as I never got around to it…. 
I can’t even remember the exact date which is probably because it wasn’t preplanned.  I got home from work one evening around the beginning of the month and realised that I had some serious matting going on in my nape area so plans for the evening where shelved and I got on with my impromptu wash day tout suite!"

This is going to be a rather short post because I was on auto pilot and wasn’t focused on documenting the process; I was way more interested in avoiding more matting and hair loss.

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