Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wig Review: Freetress Equal Synthetic Unit

"I recently treated myself to a brand new afro unit which I purchased after seeing a video by Jessica Pettway - my go to wig guru over on the YT."

I'm a total sucker for a fro unit and this one from Freetress is a cracker - just loookadit, it looks just like my own hair!

As is usually the case, I started out with my hair tucked away in two strand twists.  These twists have been in for errrrrrmmmmm, a while and were pretty much ready to come out for wash day so what better excuse to cover them up to eek a couple of extra days out of styling my hair.

I purchased the Equal Afro unit in the colour 1B which is nearest to my natural hair colour.   The texture of the hair sits nicely within the 4a to 4c hair type so it works very well with my own natural texture.

As always I put I spandex dome cap on to protect my natural hair and I put this on inside out so the seams don't rub on my delicate strands.

This unit is not a lace front, it is a half wig and is intended to be worn with some of your hair left out at the front to blend.  It has a regular stretchy cap construction with adjustable straps at the back.  There are no combs in the unit which is fantastic for preserving that all important hair line! 

Putting on the unit is super simple and it fits very snugly without the use of combs.

Straight out of the box this unit looks pretty amazing!  

I love to customize my units so they fit my face and don't look like I've just plonked a wig on my head.   With this unit I didn't need to do any cutting or brushing, I just pulled the curls out a little by finger combing and then lightly picked her out and blended my leave out at the front and sides.  

When I'm wearing this unit on a day thang, I just leave out the front but for a night out, I leave the sides out too.  

My own hair is currently slightly longer than the Equal Afro unit but it shrinks up nicely to match the unit.  

In the 2+ months that I have been wearing this unit I have experimented with setting my leave out to define the curls and it works well with ultra defined two strand twist and a looser twisted set.

My sister Carissa and I recently had a 'Hair-Off' at a recent trip to the Ideal Home Show in London.  Her natural hair is looking amazing since her big chop a couple of years ago!
Picture courtesy of  Little Likely Lads blog

There is zero parting space with this unit so you are free to separate the unit into a middle parting, side parting or whatever takes your fancy.  It is a very versatile unit and can be worn in updo's and loads of other styles depending on the amount and location of the leave out you are comfortable with. 

The texture and lustre of this hair looks like it is my own and with the leave out it looks like it is growing straight out of my scalp!

I am super impressed with this unit, it is pretty dang on perfect.  When I wear her I do not feel like I am wearing a wig whatsoever, I just feel FABULOUS!

My favorite natural hairstyle is an afro but when wearing this style I dread dealing with the tangles the following day!  A realistic and affordable 'fro unit like this and the Toni Wig mean I can have the style but skip the dreaded detangling session.  I can also leave my house and go about my business throughout the day and my hair will still look exactly the same as it did that morning.

I purchased this unit from for about $22 which is super affordable, even if you need to purchase the unit from outside of the US and pay for the shipping.  Unfortunately it is currently out of stock at both HairSisters and Elevates Styles.

Hopefully it will be back in stock soon as I highly recommend purchasing this unit if you think it would suit your personal style.  I love it!!!

Picture courtesy of Little Likely Lads blog

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  1. WOWWWWWWWWW! That does look natural! I may get one too!!!! I love that this is a less expensive option than human hair afro wigs but still looks amazing!

  2. The wig looks good on you.

  3. Unfortunately I've been looking for one of these for the last two months and every is out of them.

  4. Unfortunately I've been looking for one of these for the last two months and every is out of them.

  5. As with everything we do on our hair, we should not only look fabulous, we should feel comfortably fabulous with it too. Your review on this unit answers the most common concerns. Keep posting!

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