Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wash Day Diary 25.11.11

"It's been two weeks, could have gone longer to be honest, but I'm thinking of relaxing my hair next week."

It was a pretty straight forward routine for me this week.

1.  Took out each braid (my hair is braided under my full lace), there are about 10 or 12 of them and they are not cornrows - still can't do them.  I detangled each braid as I went along using MnT Detangler and grapeseed oil. 

2.  Next I coated each section with Loreal Elvive Damage Care Masque (which is rich in ceramides), two strand twisted each section and secured with my wash clips.

3.  I shampoo washed my hair with Elsta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

4.  I then did a quick protein treatment using Trespak Reconstructor.  I had this hanging around from the start of my HJ last year and have never used it till now.  It smells so strong and I disliked it so much that I threw it in the bin after using it.....(I've since fished it back out of the bin because the results on my hair were pretty good, despite the overpowering fragrance!)

5.  I then applied my deep conditioning mix using 4 x spoons of Keracare Moisturising Conditioner, 2 x spoons of hemp seed oil,1 x spoon of Roux Porosity Control and 1 x spoon of JASON 84% Aloe conditioner for a little added moisture as this mix was pretty thick/sticky.

This mix gave me tremendous slip, like no other mixed I have previously used!!!  The slip was so good that I decided to detangle with the deep conditioner in my hair using my Denman brush.   I lost a normal amount of hair  considering that my hair has not been combed for two weeks.

The whole wash and detangling process took me an hour up to this point.

6.  Next I added my leave in's Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizier, Aphogee Pro-vitamin leave in and a mixture of Kinky Curly Knot Today mixed with JCBO (I really need to get some aloe vera juice!).  I sealed this in with grapeseed oil followed by CHI Silk Infusion.

I then put my hair into twists - using the same sections I had used during my wash process and then went to bed - with damp hair!!!  I had to - it was almost 2am!!! 

Ciao 4 Now

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Henna & It's Picture Heavy!!!

"Sat here eating my dinner Delia Smith Meatballs which my mum intoduced me to & it's sooooo simple to cook and I have my henna gloss treatment working it's magic (whist watching crappy XFactor (UK) the US version is much better!  The only good act on it is Mischa B, I always look forward to her performance). date with henna is well and truly overdue so I'll let you know what I did this time around".

Last night I moisturised my hair in sections using Bee Mine Luscious, sealed with grapeseed oil and oiled my scalp/roots with Tola's Growth Oil then plaited my hair into two french braids.

I made up my henna mix with the following:

1 box of henna powder
2 x tsp of amla powder
2 x tsp of shikakai powder
1 x tsp of Neem Powder
1 x tsp of Fenugreek
3 x tsp of Hemp Seed Oil
1 x tsp Coconut Oil
1 x tsp Blackstrap Molases
4 x Odourless Garlic Capsules

I then added hot water and mixed this to a thick consistency, thick enough to stand a spoon (or my mixing chopsticks in)!   I like my henna mix thick at this stage before the oil and conditioner are added as I hate dripping henna all down my neck and in my ears.


See my chopsticks are standing all proud!!!

Next I added the oils and mixed again

Once the oil is added it looks like a cowpat!  The white bits are the coconut oil which is melting in the residual heat.

Next I add the HEHH conditioner, I never measure this - I just add enough.... (",)

I've had this blackstrap molases hanging around for about a year now, I used it internally to increase my iron levels and externally in a caramel gloss treament which I only ever did once, so I thought I would throw some into this henna gloss mix.

A couple of pics of my hair prior to starting the long old henna gloss process.
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That is alot of new growth.  Whenever I tell anyone that I haven't relaxed my hair since June the first thing they say is "Why hasn't it broken off?!!!"  I tell them it's because I look after actually I baby my hair!

My HAIR with one of the braids removed.  I have not detangled my hair yet and this is the state it's in after a week of not combing it!
My hair today was in two loose french braids.  I detangled my hair in sections using Mane 'n' Tail Detangler and appled grapeseed oil to each section.

Check out that new growth!

These are the exact same sections I wash my hair in at this many weeks post.  I have 9 sections and I am currently 22 weeks post relaxer.
This is the amount of grapeseed oil that I use for each section.  I apply this then spray in two short pumps of the Detangler

Next I started applying the henna to my hair in these sections

Almost done with the application

The henna mix looks pretty brown, this is due to the molases

All done now

I finished applying the henna at 8pm and it's 10pm now.  I think I will leave it on for another 30mins or an hour before rinsing out. 

I will be trying out the Matrix Biolage Cera-Repair hair tongiht.  I brought it today.  Just been looking on Relaxed Hair Health's blog to see how best to use it.  I think I will apply it then add the Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm over the top and then sit under my heated cap for 30mins.

Looks like a late one for me tonight then....


Friday, 11 November 2011

Alter EGO Impact Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic

"Shedding has been a real issue for me over this past year, so I decided to tackle this both internally with the use of iron supplements and externally with the use of garlic based conditioners!"

It Claims:
This special cream, rich of peptides, vitamins and mineral salts which derivate from wheat and garlic represents an excellent substitute for hair treatment with animal extract. It leaves the hair soft and strong and it is ideal to use on treated hair, such as bleached, dyed and permed.

Aqua/Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Dipalmytoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Parfum (Fragrance), Cyclomethicone (Cyclopentasiloxane), Limonene, Dimethiconol, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Citric Acid, C.I. 19140 (FD 7 C Yellow 5), CI 42090 (FD & C Blue 1), Triticum Vulgare Sprout Extract (Triticum Vulgare Sprout (Wheat) Extract), CI 14700 (FD & C Red 4), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Allium Sativum Extract (Allium Sativum (Garlic) Bulb Extract), Cochlearia Armoracia Extract (Cochlearia (Horse-radish) Root Extract), Ferula Assa Foetida Extract (Ferula Assa Foetida Root Extract).

After shampooing the hair, apply the treatment all over the scalp, wait for few minutes then rinse with water. Recommended to be used after shampooing, leave it on for about 15 minutes to have the best results.

$30.80 (£19.36) for large 1000ml size I think the price is good value for the amount of conditioner you get in the tub.  It was on special offer though. 
Purchased from US based Amazon seller UglyNBeauty
Shipping $34.24 (£21.52)

Results On My HAIR
When I first used it straight out of the tub I left it on for about 30mins under a shower cap.  I liked it alot, my hair felt incredibly soft, but felt it was more of a protein conditioner than a moisturising one, which really wasn't what I was looking for.

Since then I have used it in many different conditioner mixes and have now found one mix that works excellently on My HAIR this was the concoction used on my wash day last week where I mixed this conditioner with 2 x tsps of honey, grapeseed oil and hemp seed oil.  This mix amplified the results of this conditioner.  It soaked straight into my hair and made my new growth super duper soft!  I loved every minute of applying the conditioner - it felt totally amazing!!!  This is defo how I will use it going forward - maybe with a little added aloe vera juice...?  Now when I use this conditioner I use my heated cap if I apply it to dry hair and I'll use my steamer if I apply it to wet hair.

The conditioner has a medium dark peach hue which is nothing to really write home about.  In my mind I thought it would be an off white colour, although that said I knew it was peach in colour after seeing Nunaavane's YouTube post on the conditioner.

The consistency of this conditioner is a water based creamy texture, almost like a custard.  It isn't heavy at all and mixes well with other things added to it.  It soaks straight into my strands either when used in it's natural sate or mixed and washes out very easily without any residue.

This conditioner is HIGHLY scented.  It comes sealed in plastic and underneath the lid, the top of the tub is mechanically sealed and even through all that lot - you can still smell this conditioner, albeit feint, but you can still smell it.  Personally I don't have a problem with highly scented hair products as I think it makes your hair smell clean and masks the smell of things like castor oil, hemp seed oil and sulfur mixes that I put on my hair.  The scent isn't at all garlicky, it is more of a strong perfume, but it's pleasant. 

Would I Repurchase
Yes - I think I will purchase this again but I have about a years supply left as I brought two 2000ml in total.

So far I have used about half of the 1000ml tub of conditioner and still have a full one to use up - but I'm trying to go easy with it as paying extra for shipping is never fun for me, like a true PJ I always think I could have paid for another product with that money spent.

Without added oils 
With added oils!!!!

I've had this review waiting to be published since the beginning of July '11 but forgot to publish it - probably because I went into a run of heavy protective styling from end of July which still continues to the date of this post and probably will do until the new year. 
Ciao 4 Now

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wash Day Diary 05.11.11

"Posting this one a little late cos I just never got around to it to be honest!"

Wash day was the first proper wash day since taking out my kinky twists on 28.10.11.  It was nice not having to contend with the tangles and mass shedding which having my hair in braids results in.

1.  Detangled with Mane and Tail Detangler and some grapeseed oil.
I lost hardly any hair during this process and any hair that came out was shed hair.

2.  Pre-poo'd with hemp seed oil.
Oooooh how I missed you my beloved hemp seed oil!

3.  Deep conditioned and I CAN'T SODDING REMEMBER what I used - grrrrr!!!  I used my heat cap for 1hr.  I think the concoction had whatever conditioner I used, 2 x tsp honey, 2 x tsp Hemp Seed Oil & 2 x tsp Grapeseed Oil.
I'm so mad with myself that I can't remember the conditioner!  That'll teach me a lesson for not posting sooner...or making notes!  What makes it worse is whatever it was my hair fel sooooo gooooooooooood during application, whilst it was in and after I washed it out!  How is it that I remember running out of the mix and having to make more but I can't remember the main ingredient!?  Yes, I am's in my nature..

I remember was my Alter Ego Garlic Hot Oil treatment.  Only remembered because I recalled using a spoon to scoop out the conditioner - yaaay!!!

4.  Co-washed the conditioner out then followed this up with Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor.  I followed this with an ACV final rinse.
My hair felt so yummy and soft at this stage (",)

5.  Added leave-ins,Aphogee Green Tea Restructuriser, HEBE Leave In, CHI Silk Infusion.  I sealed with a little Grapseed oil and added some CHI Iron Guard heat protectant then air dried to 70% before detangling.

6.  After fully detangling I blow-dried my hair using the tension method.
The tension method went great this time.  I don't know if it is my new hair dryer or the fact that my hair is so much healthier.  I will defo be doing this again whilst wearing my wigs until I get it plaited!

Total shed hair

Rubbish picture of my tension dried hair on the right and my normal texture on the left.

Same as above

Nape, with my wash clips

Just check out that new growth!!

My shrinkage is crazy!  Prob can't see that I am stretching the right hand side.

Ciao 4 Now

Product Haul: October 2011

I'm very pleased with myself that I didn't spend too much money on hair products this month, although my full lace and lace front unit still have to be counted against the monthly spend.  I wonder if I will EVER manage a month free of spending money on my hair....?!" 

Grapeseed Oil  £3.15
Full Lace Wig   £FREE (courtesy of my gorgeous bf!!)
Lace Front Unit   £145
14inch Premium Too Weave (used to make a U-Part Wig - don't ask.... it was pretty much a diiiisaaaaastaaaahhhh, I hate that hair it feels so cheap and way too heavy!)    £14.99
Beanie cap (used to make the U-Part) £2.49

Ciao 4 Now

Have I Managed To Find The Perfect Inexpensive Moisturiser For My HAIR....?!!??

"Whilst browsing the aisles of my local Tesco Superstore, I stumbled across this product Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream.  After reading the ingredients (of which there are only 4!) I immediately decided that I must give this product a try!" 

It's only been a week so far with this purchase but I am more than pleasantly surprised with the results I have been getting.  I shouldn't be surprised though, seeing as I have been more than impressed with Vatika Coconut Oil in the past year since I started using it and I've also been impressed with their hot oil treatments that I purchased in August 2011, so I thought that giving this a go would be a pretty safe bet.

This is not a full review on this product, that will come in a month or so but let me tell you, first impressions of this are great!!! I mean, instantly moisturised, soft yet strengthened hair is what I'm talking about.  I'm not fussed about it's 'hair fall (a.k.a. shedding) control' claims, I'm happy with my garlic and iron plans to control this.  You can use it as a pre-poo treatment but I use it as a daily moisturiser and it's working great!  And the best part is that it doesn't contain any protein!

Stay tuned for the review.

In the meantime, have any of you lovely ladies tried this product?

Ciao 4 Now

First Impressions: My Lace Wigs

"I feel like I've not posted in ages!  I have been so damn busy this week, not to mention completely shattered.  Anyway.....both of my units have arrived and I am just holding back on reviewing them for now...."  

First impressions both were not so great because they didn't seem to fit properly!  I quickly discovered that this  that this was due to user error as I really hadn't tamed my 4 months worth of new growth adequately so with puffy roots it was difficult making the wigs fit.   I still need to get my my lovely mum to braid my hair up - which I think I will ask her to do next week.

Anywhoooo.......back to my new hair.....!!!

The texture of the (full lace) unit with a fringe is beautiful!  I love it sooooo much!  The texture of the (lace front) unit  is far silkier in texture which I am not so keen on but it looks fab - especially now that I've washed it and it's wavy instead of straight.  I also prefer the way that the hair comes out of a full lace wig, hair is knotted through each hole in the lace which gives a wonderfully natural appearance, as opposed to the lace front which has the hair sewn on in thin tracks.

I'm really enjoying wearing my new hair and I'm even planning my next unit which will probably be a glueless full lace from either Miss Wigs or RPG Show.

Come by again for the full reviews

Ciao 4 Now
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