Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Brazilian HAIR: Weave Update

"So, I've now had this hair in for a week and a half.  Mostly I am loving having a weave, but there are a few things that I'm not enjoying quite so much....!"

1.  One of my main issues is the flipping itching!!!  I tell you this weave started itching me before I'd even stitched it on.  I think 50% of it is all in my head, but that doesn't stop the fact that it itches me every-single-day...!!!

2.  This hair sheds ALOT.  It is abit annoying because there is always hair in my brush, on the bathroom floor or both after every time I style the hair.  I wish I had sealed the wefts before installing them.  I'm not that fussed about it because I did get the hair when it was on offer for at approx £40 per 100g pack this hair works out to be around the same price as the BSS Remy hair that I brought 4yrs ago to make my clip-ins.  I will use this hair again but I'm afraid I wouldn't purchase it again.  I've never had virgin hair before but I was expecting more from it if I'm honest.  Next time I think I will research more and probably spend a little more on the hair now that I have a benchmark to measure it against.

3.  This hair also has ALOT of split ends. I plan on trimming the hair either today or tomorrow.  It has way more split ends than my actual hair.  Although my own hair is not in the greatest condition, split ends are not somthing I am troubled by.  There are some strands of this hair which have split ends on split ends.  I counted about 7 split ends on one strand when  I was preparing my hair for the recent wash.

4.  I do love the convenience of having my hair tucked away in this protective style but at the back of my mind I am concerned about what my hair will be like when I take it out.....

5.  When I take this weave out I'm thinking that I might attempt to make a U shaped wig with this hair instead, which I can braid my hair underneath, just like a weave and then use combs to attach the wig around the U part and leave out then sew the wig to the perimiter braid in my braid pattern.  This will mean that every two weeks I can undo the weave, wash my hair in the braids underneath, dry the hair throughly and then reattach the wig, wear it for another two weeks and then undo the braids and redo the style again when I'm ready.  This will eliminate the cotton dragging through my hair and also help to ensure I can wash and deep condition effectively whilst in the protective style.

6.  When I make the U shaped wig I will use the 14 inch at the back and the 16 inch on top.   I prefer volume of hair rather than length so this approach will leave me with the density that i'd prefer and will be around shoulder length or slightly longer.  I will also attempt to use all three bags of hair if I can!

7.  I am pleased at how well my leave out covered the tracks as I really only have a small amount of leave out in this install.  I refuse to mess too much with my hair tryin in vain to get my afro hair to blend with this pretty textured Brazilian hair, a good enough blend is good enough for me, I don't plan on using the flat iron again for the next 4 weeks!  I think this hair is looking better the older it gets as it's looking a little "rougher" in texture which suits me and my styling practices.

Here are a couple of pictures taken when I got in yesterday evening :

Ciao 4 Now

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