Friday, 10 June 2011

COCONUT OIL, Is The Greatest!

If I could only have one product for my hair and had to throw out all others, coconut oil would win hands down.

My family and friends all know I have a thing about coconut oil. Since using it consistently for the past 3-4 months, I really can’t sing it’s praises enough.

This stuff is great!!!!!!!!!!  Above is the brand I use.  I managed to find this 500ml tub in a shop near me for £1.49 I brought them all!!!  Don't worry, I didn't walk out of the shop with 30 tubs of this stuff, it was only 3 tubs.  The lady in the shop stared at me strangely like I was the Coconut Monster or something.

It is so versatile, I use it to moisturise my face, my lips, my body, to shave and of course on My HAIR. I’ve even converted my boyfriend, mother, sister and granny!!!!  My boyfriend uses this every single day.

For my hair, I use coconut oil:

  • In all of my oil mixes
  • In Kimmay Tubes Leave in recipe
  • As a deep conditioner
  • As a prepoo
  • As a hot oil treament
  • In my henna treatments
  • As an ingredient in all of my deep conditioners
  • On my scalp
  • To tame my regrowth
  • As a detangler
  • To seal in moisture when I moisturise and seal my hair

    This stuff truly is fantastic and I will never stop raving on about it!
    This is the brand I use - £1.49 - £2.29 a jar

    I’m yet to start cooking with it, but I will – in time, I’m pretty sure of that.

    If you haven’t got coconut oil in your hair product stash, I’d say “Why ever no, you really need to go get you some - quick!!!!!!”.

    Ciao 4 Now



    1. Do you know of any brand of coconut oil that does not freeze under cold temperatures? I thought Vatika wouldn't because it has other ingredients mixed in, but you mentioned that it did in the review :( I really want to try coconut oil but I'm not one to buy an oil I can't use for months.

    2. Hi Tay♥

      Unfortunately all pure coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, and can get really hard in the colder months! I think this is due to it being pure and unrefined.

      The only coconut oil that didn't do this for me was the first one I had a year ago at the beginning of my HHJ, it was a mix of coconut oil and almond oil. You could try mixing your coconut oil with another (light - I know you're not that keen on heavy) oil such as jojoba or my current fav grapeseed oil to see if that prevents the annoying solidification.

      Alternatively, you could try keeping the oil in a warm place a for a short while before you need to use it. Probably not that practical though.

      For my Vatika oil I have some in a small pot that I can get my fingers into so I don't have to melt it each time I want to use it.

      Ciao 4 Now


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