Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Paul Mitchell 'Super' Cheap Haul

"I've been haulin' and this was a brilliant bargain that no self respecting PJ could just walk past!"

In these boxes I got the following:

The overall cost should have been £45.30  -   (PM Super Skinny Smoothing Take Home Kit @ £12.25, PM Super Strong Take Home Kit @ £16.95 & Redken Extreme Deep Fuel Box @ £16.10)  Each box cost only £3 from SuperCuts

I paid a total of £9 for all of this!!!!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment 100ml
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo 100ml
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum 25ml
Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo 100ml
Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner 100ml
Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment 100ml
5 x Redken Extreme Deep Fuel 20ml

I've had my eye on the Paul Mitchell line for months now and it has firmly been in my sidebar as part of the My HAIR Wants section, for ages.  I am so pleased that I saw this bargain today as I had been putting off making a couple of purchases which would have cost around £35 just to try 3 products.   I actually had the Super Skinny Take Home Kit in my hands back in February but decided not to purchase it. 

I love a bargain!!!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. jealous!!!!
    what a great bargain!
    Can't wait to see reviews on these products, I have also been eyeing up some paul mitchell products haha.

  2. @Shereen

    I seriously couldn't believe my luck.

    I can't wait to try them out really soon (",)

    Thanks for commenting!



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