Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wash Day Diary @ 16 Weeks Post: 26.07.12

"I got sick of wearing my lace unit so opted for a quick cowash so I could bun my hair for a week or until my relaxer touch up."

These are the steps I followed:


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wash Day @ 15 Weeks Post: 16.07.12 ~ U Part Wig

"I did a quick wash day on Monday and have only just had the time to add it to the blog.  I decided to wash my hair whilst wearing the UPart wig as my own hair which was left out was feeling a bit dry.  I didn't fancy un-installing and then re-installing the UPart (again!) so I just cowashed both my hair and the Brazilian hair whilst still wearing the UPart wig."


Friday, 20 July 2012

And The Winners Are.......?

1st Prize goes to Ilze Zemberga


2nd Prize goes to Ayo

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s 
to you both!!!

Both winners were drawn using Random Org random number generator.

Please can you contact me within 3 days via email in order to claim your prize and confirm which option you want. If I don't hear from you  I will need to draw another winner for the prize.

Ciao 4 Now


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Simply Into My HAIR: First Giveaway!!!

"Woohoo!!!  It's been two years since I started my Healthy Hair Journey and have been blogging since January 2011.  I am so chuffed to say that I now have more than 60 followers via Google Connect....and more than 25 Facebook followers!!!  I think I should mark this momentous occasion with my first ever giveaway!  Some of you may recall that I eluded to the possibility of holding a giveaway how about right now!" 

I have umm'd and ahh'd for weeks now about whether it should be open to just the UK or whether I should include Europe and the USA.


Monday, 9 July 2012

My New U-Part Wig = A Whole Weekend Doing My HAIR

"I have been so anxious about making this UPart but I needed to find an easy protective style to see me through the next two weeks before my relaxer touch up planned for 15 weeks post!"

On Friday night and Saturday morning I took out my kinky twists.  Whilst pre-pooing my hair, I set about making my U Part.

These are the steps I followed:


Kinky Twists: The Take Down & Wash Day @ 13 Weeks Post

"I had to say goodbye to the kinky twists.  They have been in for two months now and although I think I could get away with another 2 weeks at least, I know they have to go for the health of my hair!"

On Thursday night I took down about 4 twists at the nape and put them back in.  I did this just to check out how the plan of action would work the following day and to find out whether I would need to have any specific tools or products close to hand that may have not been availalbe to me otherwise.  I was going to do the whole of the very back section but I quickly got bored - this didn't bode well for having to take the whole lot in one go the following day!  The four twists that I took out had a lot of fluff /build up in them.  I lost some shed hairs during the process but was very careful not to cause any breakage.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Why I ..... Decided To Blog?

I've found it's the best way to document my hair journey highs, lows and in betweens
It encourages me to take pictures of my progress and the results of my experiments
I can view all of my previous posts and related pictures with ease and most importantly, conveniently from my mobile!
I can trace products I have used and the results/effects they have on my hair
I can track what works for my hair and what doesn't
I can see if there are trends for the way my hair acts at certain times of the year
I can check exactly how far along I am during a relaxer stretch
I can see when my treatments (i.e. henna) are due [and then ignore it completely!]
I can see when I did my last trim/dust
I can see when my last wash day was and the products I used 
I can meet fellow hair obsessed ladies and speak to them about all things hair without boring them silly
It feels great every time I get a new follower or reader of my blog
I can follow other amazing blogs and pick up super handy hints and tips!

It takes up quite a bit of my spare time to document the things I do to my hair on a daily/weekly basis
I have to set aside time for my blog
I have to remember to take pictures, it makes for a more interesting post! 
It takes time to edit pictures, research etc

Next stop, YouTube!!!  I think it's about time I actually uploaded a video or two to my unused YouTube account.  Watch this space (",)

Ciao 4 Now


Thursday, 5 July 2012

My HAIR Healthy Hair Journey: 2nd Anniversary (Part 1)

"It's pretty much a year to the day since my 1st HHJ anniversary post.  I can't believe it but I think the past year has flown past even faster than the first!  I have experienced some Hair Highs and some real Hair Lows in the past but right now I am in a good place with my hair, long may it continue!"

For me, July 2011 to July 2012 has been yet another year of learning and setbacks so far as my hair is concerned.


Why I ..... Use Aloe Vera Juice?

My Pros 
Very Moisturising
Decreases shedding
Reduces dandruff
Relieves scaly and itchy scalp
Softens new growth
Balances the pH level of hair so cuticles are closed allowing moisture to be locked into the strand
Smooths the hair cuticle reducing friction and tangling
Natural product
Excellent detangler
Can be added to leave in conditioners and moisturising spritz to give them an extra added boost
Fantastic addition to my henna gloss recipe
Stretches and improves the performance of my deep conditioners
Widely available on the high street or local ethnic grocery stores
Excellent value for money
500ml bottle lasts for a long time

My Cons
The smell is gross [I really dislike it!]
Has to be kept in the fridge and anything you add it to also needs to be kept in the fridge
*Note: rancid AVJ smells even worse than normal/fresh AVJ

I Use  
Venus Herbal Aloe Vera Juice £3.99
Available from most Indian and West Indian grocery stores.  

You can also buy many different brands of aloe vera from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Ebay and health food stores.  


Why I ..... Use Heat Protectant?


My Pros
Protects hair from heat damage when applying heat tools
Reduces breakage
The brand I use makes my hair feel really soft and silky during use

My Cons
  None that I know of! 

You Could Use
Any product labeled as a  'Heat Protectant' such as CHI Silk Infusion or CHI Iron Guard, you could even use Grapeseed Oil

What I Use
Treseme Heat Defence Spray £4 - £4.99
 Available from most Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc

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