Monday, 8 August 2011

Recycling My Weave (Part 1)

"Even though I have decided to probably never get a weave installed again, I do have plans for my shedding Brazilian hair so I've decided to recyle it and give it a new lease of life."

After deinstalling my weave on Friday, I carried out the following process to clean the weave hair:

  • Folded up the 16 inch weave hair with the wefts aligned at the top
  • I then put my fingers through the hair and held the wefts together
  • Next whilst still holding the hair along the weft I thoroughly detangled the hair using my HS Jumbo Rake
  • Once detangled, I secured a hair tie vertically through the hair and the weft similar to how the hair is packaged when purchased
  • I then followed these above steps with the 14 inch hair
  • Next I soaked the hair in warm soapy water which had shampoo added
  • I then applied extra shampoo to the hair and squeezed this through the length of the hair and also along the wefted edge to make sure the hair was completed degreased!
  • Next I wrapped the hair in a towel for a couple of minutes before applying some Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor (note: I really need to revisit this product!)and brushed through using my Denman brush
  • Next I placed a slightly damp towel in the mircowave for 2mins, popped the hair into a plastic bag and then wrapped the plastic bag in the hot towel.   After about 10mins I put the towel in microwave again for another 2mins and repeated the process.
  • I then rinsed out the 5 in 1 reconstructor with cool water making sure there was no residue left in the hair.
  • I then wrapped the hair in a towel for 10mins to soak up excess moisture
  • Finally, I hung the hair up to air dry using a couple of trouser hangers.

I will be using this hair to make a U-Part wig when I take out my kinky twists.  I will definintely be sealing the wefts prior to sewing them to the wig cap.  I will probably not bother adding the 16inch hair because I think this is the hair that is shedding the most.  I may reconsider if sealing the wefts helps the recitfy the situation.

Ciao 4 Now

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