Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wash Day Diary 15.07.11

"My mum has surprised me and said she can do my install tomorrow so I need to fit in a thorough was and deep condition beforehand.  I can't believe I have washed my hair every 2 days for the past week.  I've actually quite enjoyed it hopefully the constant moisture has helped reduce any breakage!  I'm looking forward to using my new clips to keep my sections together.  For months I have been looking for a suitable alternative to my metal snap clips and haven't been able to find what I was looking for until now...."

  • Pre poo with coconut oil whilst putting hair into 4 x sections
  • Detangle with Just For Me 2 in 1 Conditioning Detangler
  • Shampoo with Bee Mine Botanical Moisturising Shampoo
  • Condition with Aussie Frizz Remedy 3 Minute Treatment
  • Deep condition overnight with ORS mixed with 2tsp castor oil, 2tsp Roux Porosity Control, 5 x drops of  Rosemary Essential Oil & 1 x tsp coconut oil heated in microwave for 20-30secs to kick start to conditioner and make it more pleasent to apply prior to going to bed.
  • Cover hair with plastic cap, cling film, headscarf and top that off with a wooly hat to keep my head warm.  I also put a folded up cotton wool pad in each ear to stop any drips getting into my ears.
  • Rinse conditioner the following morning
  • Final rinse with ACV
  • Airdry to 70-80% dry detangle and then blowdry using pik attachment so hair is ready for braiding

UPDATE 16.07.11 (am):

My hair always feels soooo soft when I deep condition overnight with ORS.  It melts my newgrowth and always feels great.  I never have a great sleep though when I sleep with anything wet on my head.

This is the detangler I will be using for the next few wash days in combination with coconut oil.  I have been getting good results from this detangler which I first purchased in December 2009.  I seem to be losing less hair when using this combination so I will be using this combo, mixed with conditioner for my weave deinstall.


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