Wednesday, 27 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

"Very sad news about the recent death of Amy Winehouse.

I personally loved her music and in particular her first album Frank which is where this song October Song is from.   There are many songs on this album which I loved straight away and I remember playing over and over again when I brought it and many years afterwards.

I was lucky to see Amy perform live at the MOBO's in 2007.  I really enjoyed her performance and was blown away at how effortless her huge voice was.

Such a talented young woman who died way too soon...."

OCTOBER SONG:  written by Amy Winehouse

Today my bird flew away
Gone to find her big blue jay
Starlight before she took flight
I sung a lullaby of bird land every night
Sang for my Ava every night

Ava was the morning, now she's gone
She's reborn like Sarah Vaughan
In the sanctuary she has found
Birds surround her sweet sound
And Ava flies in paradise

With dread I woke in my bed
To shooting pains up in my head
Lovebird, my beautiful bird
Spoke until one day she couldn't be heard
She just stopped singing


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