Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Weave Wash Day 20.07.11 (Partial Wash)

"Today I decided to wash my weave.  I plan to wash my weave and hair on Friday 22.07.11 but I really needed to freshen up the actual weave hair because it had just gotten waaaaaaaaaay too greasy.  I didn't want to get my hair under the weave wet as I plan to do my acutal hair washes on a 7 to 10 day basis (Thursday's or Friday's)." 

With this plan of action in mind, I sectioned off my leave out hair and detangled using coconut oil.  I then heavily applied a generous amount of Alter Ego to my leave out hair and left it to deep condition for about 45mins. 

Whilst my leave out hair was soaking up the conditioner I sectioned the hair in two then carefully detangled with my jumbo rake before putting each section into a twist and secured with my wash clips.   I then applied Mane and Tail Conditioner to the left side and Aussie 3 Minute Reconstructor to the right side.  I left this on for about 5mins.  Both conditioners felt the same when applying, however the Mane and Tail Conditioner soaked right into the hair during the 5mins that it was left on.

I then rinsed out the conditioner then washed the weave hair with John Frieda Moisturising Shampoo from the Brilliant Brunette's range, following up with the matching conditioner.   I left the conditioner on whilst I set about cowashing my leave out hair with Nutrine Garlic conditioner followed by Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner mixed with a little castor oil.  I then rinsed out the conditioner from the weave hair being super careful not to wet the tracks or the cornrows underneath.  I then rinsed the SAS conditioner mix from my leave out hair and was done.  The process took about 20mins.

I then put a towel over my head to soak up the excess moisture before adding some CHI Keratin Mist to the weave hair and Shea Butter Leave In Conditoner sealed with coconut oil on my leave out hair.  When 80% dry I detangled the leave out hair. I didn't lose any strands of my own hair during this process.  I did however lose some strands of the weave hair as this shed a little during the wash process.

Once the weave hair was 80% dry I went under the hooded dryer for 15mins as I had managed to get some of the cornrows a bit wet on the left hand side and the top of my head.  Once dried I smoothed my leave out hair down to cover my tracks and then combed it into the weave hair to get a good blend.  I then plaited the weave hair (including my leave out hair where it's long enough!) into three briads and secured with my wash clips before securing a scarf to my hair to protect it and flatten the leave out hair.  I want to go through to my next wash day without applying any heat to my hair as it just looks too thin.  I plan on babying my leave out for the duration of this weave.

I probably won't carry out a partial wash like this again. The only reason for it this time was because of oiling my scalp and taking down the top of the weave and redoing it the hair was looking stringy and I just felt it looked disgusting and possibly a track could be seen as the hair looks thin when it's greasy.  I might do it again though in the future if the need arises but I doubt it.  I knew my hair underneath is clean as I only washed it last Friday/Saturday so thought that it would cause no harm on this occasion.  I supposed time will tell.

UPDATE:  21.07.11 (pm)

My hair and the weave were in great shape this morning.  No heavy weighed down hair for me, just beautiful wavy curls and nicely blended leave out!  I am very a very happy bunny this morning. 

This evening I may try a Caruso roller set when I get home and see how that comes out.  If it looks good I will post pics tomorrow....

Ciao 4 Now

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