Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My HAIR: Shedding & Breakage Woes

Shed & Broken Hair:  During Wash Day 17.05.11

Since my "What’s up with my hair" post on 25.04.11 I have been experiencing serious issues with shedding and some breakage.

It’s been a really worrying time and my hair seems to be coming out continuously since before my last relaxer.

I’ve taken pictures of some of the hair I have shed over the past 5 weeks or so, starting from 01.05.11. I don’t have pictures of every wash day but the pictures that I do have, give a clear enough indication of the amount of hair lost. It’s worth noting that the only shedding I have photographed has come from my wash days, and does not include the hair shed during styling.

All of these pictures show shed and broken hair from each half, or quarter of my head depending on how many sections I washed and detangled in.  The shed hair from the left front of my head is towards the top left of the picture, the shed hair from the back right area is towards the bottom right of the picture.

Shed & Broken Hair:  During Detangling Process 14.05.11
(pre protein treatment)

Shed & Broken Hair:  During Wash Process 14.05.11
(during protein treatment)

Shed and Broken Hair:  During Wash Day 07.06.11

Same as previous picutre but one side has been rolled up.

Shed Hair:  Wash Day 31.05.11 (during henna gloss)

Same as above

I could add waaaay more pictures than this, but to be honest, it's just depressing!

In short, I think this is a heck of a lot of hair to lose.  Especially considering my hair is not long, nore is it thick or dense.   Luckily, since my trims/cuts, the use of garlic capsules on my scalp and my last relaxer, my shedding has halted considerably.

Long may this halt continue....!

Ciao 4 Now


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