Monday, 12 March 2012

MN: 1 Week Update

"So, I have been using MN for just over a week now and just giving a quick update on what I think of it thus far."

Easy To Make
This stuff was super easy to put together.  The tube of Daktarin is 1oz.  I used a 4oz bottle so I measured out 1oz of Hemp Seed Oil (which was already decanted into a Sally's applicator bottle with 1oz measurements on the side.  I then guestimated 1oz of JBCO as I didn't want to waste any by measuring in one bottle just to tip it into another.  When it was all poured into the 4oz bottle I used common sense to see if it looked like 3oz when compared to the size of the bottle.

Ease Of Application
I am finding this oil super easy to apply.  The small bottle with smooth applicator tip are perfect for the task.  Before I apply the MN mix I make sure I shake the bottle vigourously as the MN sinks to the bottom of the bottle and settles.  It is easy to see when it has done this because the bottle is transparent.  It is also easy to see when the mixture has been shaken enough for application. 

Once emulsified I start applying the oil mix down the centre parting of the cornrows and then chase the oil right onto my scalp using my fingertips.  I then move onto the parting between the next cornrow either on the right or left side.  I then apply the mix to the parting of each cornrow on tthat side until I reach the final corn cornrow parting above my ear.  I then repeat the steps on the other side until I reach the cornrow parting above the opposite ear.  I then apply the oil mix to the parting above and below the horizontal braid at my nape and then onto my scalp right underneath where the ends of the cornrows are held together.  Lastly I apply the oil mix all the way around my hairline and use my fingertips to make sure it reaches my scalp.  I then finish up with a scalp massage. 

If I am moisturising at the same time as applying the MN mix I make sure that I spray in my moisturiser before applying the MN mix. 

I have found that doing both at the same time usually results in me getting the undesireable effects of adding too much of the growth aid which usually ends up with me having a shiny face and ears!  I must remember to add less if I am moisturising at the same time.

Application Timetable
Initially I applied the mix every other day for the first 5 days, then every day for 4 days.  I experienced headaches when I first applied this on a every day basis.  I will probably opt for a every other day application with a two day rest after every 5 days.

Growth Increase
Unfortunately I didn't really take pictures before I started applying the oil.  I thought I would use pictures from my crochet braids install as the starting point. 

I have now had the crochet braids in for 2 weeks and 1 day and as you can see from the pictures below I have had some growth during that time.  Using as reference points, my usual growth rate and the amount of new growth I had experienced by 4 weeks post, I can definitely say that there has been an increase in my growth rate. 

In this picture I am pulling to show the new growth stretched.

I can't make a full judgement yet, some of this could be down to slipage but so far if this is all growth then using MN I has surpassed my usual weekly growth rate and it has done so far quicker than any other growth aid I have used thus far since the start of my HHJ in July 2010.

Side Effects & Negatives
I definitely experienced a not so pleasent banging headache shortly after increasing application to a daily.  Let me also say that I do have a history of migraines so I was wary of this side effect and kept note of frequency and severity of the headache.   I must also say that the headaches actually took place towards the tail end of a particularly nasty bout of flu which I had for 2 weeks.  The second time I had a headache I also realised that I was dehydrated!  I then drank about half a litre of water and after doing so the headache vanished without a trace without the need to take painkillers.  It has not returned since and I have continued to use the mixture on a daily basis.  I then had a 2 day break between applications before resuming again this morning.  I hav enot had a headache today.

I have suffered no itching nor have I experienced any tingling sensation when I apply the oil.

I am yet to wash my hair, although I plan on washing my braids this evening.

Verdict After 1 Week
I am really pleased with the results so far and I will continue to use this for the next 2 weeks whilst I am in this protective style.  I will then take pictures for comparison against the pictures from my install and my most recent length check.

By writing this blog post I am not encouraging anyone to use MN for any purpose whatsover.  I am simply documenting my experience with it so far.  If you choose to use it then make sure you do your research and proceed at your own risk.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Nice progress. I think it's the MN that worked. Hehe. Oh and great disclaimer.

    1. Thanks Guyanesesista! I'm now two weeks in and my hair has grown so much its making my 'Do' look shabby!!!


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