Friday, 4 February 2011

Thickness & Length Check #1

My HAIR February 2011
Well, well, well!!!  It seems my barnet has grown some and thickend up a treat.  I accredit the thickness to texlaxing which I love and the use of castor oil both normal and JBCO.  The introduction of both of these have given my hair more volume however, as soon as I put a hairdryer and hot iron anywhere near it, it's pretty much as straight as when I've relaxed bone straight in the past! Best of both worlds, I couldn't be happier - well, I could if it was longer but that will come in time I'm sure....! Wishing I had started doing all this HHJ years ago.

5 Months into HHJ:  Nape area in January '11
I am so encouraged by my progress.  My main achievements have been in the overall condition of my hair , the shine and the thickness.  Oh, and my nape - my nape is no longer Missing In Action!!!  I can hardly believe the length of it.  I think my recent 13wk stretch really helped to grow this troubled part of my hair.

The overall length and appearance of my hair is much better than it was 6 months ago.  I'm really excited for my next relaxer/texlax as I will be getting my hair trimmed which means I will be able to wear my hair out more during Spring and Summer as it will all be level at the back then as I will be getting it cut to the same length as the nape.  It will mean cutting about 1-1½ inches off.  I don't mind at all because it will improve the appearance of my hair overall.

Ciao 4 Now!!!


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