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Wash Day: Aloe Vera Juice + Deep Conditioner = Amazingly Soft Hair!!!

Today I decided to try an experiment by finding a way to incorporate the wonderfulness that is aloe vera juice, into my wash regimen.

This is not my normal brand. This has a thicker consistency
which I think works well when added to conditioner. 

Let me first start off by putting my cards on the table, I really can't stand the smell of aloe vera juice. It is 'gopping'.  I really don't like it at all.  Coupled with this, the last time I used this as a final rinse I ended up getting build up in my hair which increased throughout the week- errrmmm lovely!!!

My HAIR Today:
Feels great!  Doesn't actually need washing and if it wasn't for these nasty little flakes on my scalp and sticking to my hair (courtessy of aloe vera juice!), I certainly wouldn't be bothering with washing it today, I would be out in the UK sunshine having fun.  Alas, I now have other things to do.  I really don't enjoy having to wash my hair when it's not required.

This week I've been wearing my hair straight and pinned up to keep it off my shoulders and protect the ends. 

PrePoo Routine:
I sectioned my hair into 6, detangled each section, then applied Vatika Coconut Oil liberally to each section paying extra attention to the ends.  I then put my hair into 6 x 2 strand twists and then put a shower cap on my head and covered it with a headscarf before going to bed to let the coconut oil work it's magic, whilst I slept.

Wash Routine:
When I woke in the morning my first task for my wash day routine was to make up a batch of my ayuvedic tea rinse.  This time I made up a mixture of 2 x tablespoons of amla, 1 x tablespoon of shikakai,  1 x tablespoon of aritha and ½ tablespoons of neem powders.  I mixed this with hot water and once cooled a little strained this using an old pair of tights.  Not entirely attractive, but effective nonetheless.

I had planned to cowash on my next wash day, however due to having the aloe build up in my hair, I had no choice but to use shampoo so I decided to use Bee Mine Botanical Moisturising Shampoo as it contains no sulfates.

I undid the prepoo'd sections which were damp with moisutre and oil.  I then parted my hair into two sections then fully saturated my hair with water.  Working in the two sections I applied the tea rinse carefully to each side of my hair and left in for 7-10mins.  I then washed this out with the shampoo.  I then applied Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor follwed by Roux Porosity Control Conditioner & Corrector.  I must say, by this stage my hair felt great!

Deep Conditioning Treatment:
As mentioned earlier in this post, I decided to add aloe vera juice to my deep conditioner mix.  I added the following:

  • Keracare Humecto
  • Keracare Intensive Restorative Masque (which I had left over from ages ago - before my HHJ)
  • 2 x tsp of Hemp Oil
  • 1 x tsp of Castor Oil
  • 2 x capfuls of Aloe Vera Juice (added at the end after mixing the other ingredients together)
When I mixed in the Aloe Vera juice the conditioner mixture curdled, this looked gross but I put this down to the juice being more acidic than the other ingredients.  I just mixed thoroughly and the mixture emulsified to a lovely and thick consistency.

I applied this mixture to my towel dried hair in tiny sections, I must have had at least 15 sections on each half of my head.  I worked the dc really well into my texlaxed hair and put lots onto the ends.  The aloe vera juice seemed to make the conditioner sink into my hair and soften it instantly. It felt AMAZING!!  It also gave incredible slip and a little went a long way!!!!  I worked lots of the dc in and then put on a shower cap. I left this on for 10mins before sitting under my heat cap for 20mins and then left on for another 30mins without heat. 

When I rinsed out the dc my hair still felt amazing, soft and manageable.  I applied my black tea rinse which again was made up using 4 x PG Tips tea bags.  I left this in my hair and put my towel onto my hair.

Final Steps:
I left the towl on my head for 10 mins before applying my leave-ins.  As my hair felt so great I really didn't have to put much into my hair.  I applied Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Leave In Cream, CHI Silk Infusion, sealed with coconut oil and applied some cones in the form of Hollywood Beauty Argan Oil from Morocco. 

I then put my hair into bun and applied my curly phony pony and made into a bun.  The weather was glorious today so my hair dried quickly (apart for the bunned section which was still damp at bedtime).

In Conclusion:
I will be adding aloe vera juice to all of my deep conditioners from now on (",)   I am so pleased that I have found a way to incorporate this into my hair care regimen, without the prospect of buildup or having to endure the smell for days and days. RESULT!!!

I'll have to length check next week after my henna treatment which I plan to do on either Monday or Tuesday as I'll be blowdrying and flat ironing my hair.  The week after, I'll be getting chunky braids.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This is such an excellent idea! Thanks for this post. I just bought some aloe vera juice and was going to use it in a spray on moisturizer, but adding it to my DC is much more appealing.

  2. Hi Anonymous (",)

    Adding the aloe vera juice to conditioner works great. I am looking forward to adding it to my deep conditioner tomorrow after I do my long forgotten henna gloss treatment.

    I just need to figure out what moisturising conditioner I will be adding it to......?

    Ciao 4 Now

  3. gosh how long this takes !

  4. Hiya

    I'm not gonna lie to you, it does take a long time. However during this process I use the time to sleep, eat and catch up on my housework or blogging so its not a series of many unproductive hours spent waiting for conditioners etc to work their magic...

    Besides, I don't mind at all especially when I get good results and my hair feels like it has benefited from the process.

    T (",)

  5. i want to try this! also can i interview you for my blog? if so please message me at :)

  6. Hi Kiki

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    I have sent you an emaild in response to your comment.

    T (",)

  7. i have lost my hair please help me out i have been to a deamthologist but stll not growing can you help me out?

  8. Now I have another use for my AVJ! Thanks

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