Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I Self-Trimmed My HAIR Today

And it feels great!

Well, I was trying to put off trimming my hair, simply because I wanted to wait until my next relaxer.  Alas, by Monday those thin and whispy ends were driving me crazy- so I had to cut them off!!! 

I ususally use my Split-ender after every relaxer but I really needed to deal with the length issues and attempt to get a thicker appearance overall.

As the title states, I trimmed my hair myself with the help of a decent and sharp pair of hair scissors and a mirror so I could check whether everything was level at the back.  I think I did a good job and as a result, my hair looks and feels thicker and in much better condition.  I trimmed in small sections carefully trimming about 1cm off the length and more in places where my hair was slightly longer.  Now my hair is pretty much all one length at the back as I have trimmed up to the length of my nape area.

The process took me about 45mins in total and I'm really pleased with the results.   I'm also impressed that this trim has helped me to get better results from my Caruso steam rollers which I used straight after trimming.

I ♥ it (",)

Ciao 4 Now!!!

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