Friday, 6 July 2012

Why I ..... Decided To Blog?

I've found it's the best way to document my hair journey highs, lows and in betweens
It encourages me to take pictures of my progress and the results of my experiments
I can view all of my previous posts and related pictures with ease and most importantly, conveniently from my mobile!
I can trace products I have used and the results/effects they have on my hair
I can track what works for my hair and what doesn't
I can see if there are trends for the way my hair acts at certain times of the year
I can check exactly how far along I am during a relaxer stretch
I can see when my treatments (i.e. henna) are due [and then ignore it completely!]
I can see when I did my last trim/dust
I can see when my last wash day was and the products I used 
I can meet fellow hair obsessed ladies and speak to them about all things hair without boring them silly
It feels great every time I get a new follower or reader of my blog
I can follow other amazing blogs and pick up super handy hints and tips!

It takes up quite a bit of my spare time to document the things I do to my hair on a daily/weekly basis
I have to set aside time for my blog
I have to remember to take pictures, it makes for a more interesting post! 
It takes time to edit pictures, research etc

Next stop, YouTube!!!  I think it's about time I actually uploaded a video or two to my unused YouTube account.  Watch this space (",)

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Thanks hun! & love this post :) I feel exactly the same as you, time to start Youtube videos.. but Im slightly frightened to do one!.. xx

  2. @Yolandaas

    Thanks girlie

    I think we should defo do it. I would certainly be one of your subbies!

    Thanks for commenting!

    T (",)

  3. You know...I never knew your name Tama! I'm with you on all of this. I may copy ur idea. For me blogging doesn't actually take that much time anymore because I write a bunch all in one weekend. What takes time is YouTube which I am going to try to scale WAYYYYYY back on. Maybe like 3 videos a month - all recorded in one siting, lol!

  4. @Ebony CPrincess

    Hiya (",)

    My real name is Tracey, Tama is my initials :)

    I have so many draft posts, mainly on product reviews that I never get around to finishing. I think I should get around to finishing them sometime soon. Wow, 3 videos a month - I hope I can find the time to be organised enough to do that many a month. On Saturday night I was sewing my U Part and just couldn't bring myself to go upstairs and fetch my camera to document the process....

    Thanks for commenting!


  5. Love your blog, there is something vert 'fresh' about it, and you're from the UK. Yayyyyyy!!!

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