Saturday, 12 February 2011

Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Conditioner

It Claims / The Hype:
This product is also known as Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship (HE LTR) in the US.  The formula/contents are pretty much the same.

Results on My HAIR:
I'm not really feeling this conditioner. I brought my first bottle at the beginning of my HHJ and I still have more than half of it left.  It's not that I hate this product, it's just that it's definitely not a go to for me when cowwashing my hair.  There are other conditioners that I prefer a whole lot more that this one.

Will I Buy It Again?:
No.  Probably not.  Although, you never know, this product may be just the thing for me when my hair has grown to APL.  If I ever go to the US again I will buy HE LTR just to see if it's better than it's UK counter-part.

My HAIR Rating:

Ciao 4 Now!!!


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