Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wash Day Diary @ 3 Weeks Post: 15.04.13

"After a busy Sunday afternoon I made the decision not to wash my hair that night as I was just too tired to consider doing it!"

I really want to ensure that I keep on top of my 12 week schedule and the application of my growth serum, so I didn't want to overshoot my wash day by too many days so I opted to do it on Monday night instead.

Below are the brief steps I followed during this wash day:-

1. Sectioned my hair into two parts then barely finger detangled each half before adding deep conditioner mix of Elasta QP Intense and Roux Porosity Control Conditioner & Corrector, which I mixed on my palms. I then applied some AVJ on top before covering my hair with a plastic cap and towel.

2. I left the conditioner on for about an hour and a half before cowashing out in the shower. I didn’t add any additional conditioner I just used the deep conditioner which was already in my hair. My hair felt incredibly soft afterwards which shocked me as I thought this was a protein based conditioner. I have two bottles which I am trying to use up as ORS Replenishing Conditioner is my go to moistursing/protein conditioner of choice.

3. After cowashing I sat with a TShirt on my hair for about 45 mins in order to soak up the excess moisture and speed up the airdrying process.

4. Next I applied my leave in’s in this order, Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk, EVCO, KeraCare Oil Moisturiser, Organix Coconut Milk and Argan Oil Serums. I then detangled each half in three sections and then put my hair into two low ponytails in order to stretch my texlaxed roots. I then covered with a scarf and jumped into bed.

From cowashing through to jumping into bed this wash day took 1½ hrs which is very quick for me!

I plan on shampoo washing next time, along with adding in another tea rinse. I will also probably flat iron my hair next time as I am planning on having a night out with my sister, but I will air dry beforehand using the same method as I have for the past couple of weeks as I have found it very effective so far.

This is the amount of hair lost during this wash day.
I noticed that I lost more hair this week than I did during the past two wash days but I’m okay with that as I lost barely any hair at all during the week.  I hadn’t combed or finger combed my hair in 8 days so a little shedding was to be expected.

TOP:  From 30.03.13 wash day.  MIDDLE:  From 07.04.13 wash day.  BOTTOM:  From 15.04.13 wash day

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I love the even thickness from root to tip!

  2. @Jenijen

    Thanks Jeni!

    It's getting there. I actually planned to wear my wig for a night out on Friday and my clip ins on Saturday night. In the end I opted for my own hair. It felt great!!!!

    Thanks for commenting!


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