Thursday, 16 June 2011

Update on My HAIR: Thickness & Length Check #2

It’s been a loooooooooooooong time since my last thickness and length check update. To be honest I didn't feel like doing either a length check or update because my hair was not coming along very well due to the shedding issues I've been experiencing.  The last time I actually did an update was when I started this blog in January 2011

Since my last update I have carried out no less than 5 TRIMS!!!  That is a ridiculous amount of trims, and a lot of hair to have to cut off. But I really had no choice!

I had to cut to counteract the shedding and to get rid of the thin ends I was left with:

(These pictures were taken on 17.05.11)

The left side of My HAIR was doing fine but the right side, not-so-much!

Back of My HAIR pulled closer together

Back of My HAIR fanned out
I could have just about lived with the thinness at the back but the right side looked awful.  Also, I believe those thin ends were caused more and more tangles and shedding.

After my trims / cuts I am now really happy with the current thickness and length of my hair, especially in my nape area which has come along in leaps and bounds! Only the very bottom section of my nape, right in the middle remains pretty short, probably due to having 'always-wearing-my-hair-with-a-part-down-the- middle-itus'! I will try to stop that for the next 10 weeks.

Another thing I am really impressed with is the way I cut my hair.  I manged to get it pretty level. All those hours sat in the stylists chair have obviouly paid off.  Either that or they spent alot of time cutting off my hair! (",)
My HAIR On Relaxer Day:  11.06.11

Same as above

I am pleased that my hair is the length that it is because now it allows me to be a little more daring when it comes to self-trimming and trying out new things, like switching relaxers. As I said to my mum on Saturday, if it all goes wrong with this relaxer I can always cut it off and start again. However, if my hair was APL or BSL I would be more than hesitant to do so.

In the long run all these trims are helping me to get to my goal of cutting off all my relaxed ends so I am left with just texlaxed ends which means I only have to contend with two textures and not three when my new growth is in full swing when I am deep into my stretches.

I’ve also made the decision to only stretch for 10 weeks at a time in an attempt to retain more length.

Now I have truly gained thickness and significantly reduced my shedding and breakage, I am now on my way to my 2011 goal of reaching thick APL hair, although it may take me to May /June 2012, but I don’t mind, so long as I get there.

My 5 goals going forward for the next 10 weeksare:

1. Get my shedding 100% under control.

2. Maintain / increase my current thickness.

3. Grow at least 1 x inch of newgrowth. ½ inch instretched in natural state, 1 x inch once texlaxed and blowdried.

4. Take my supplements daily.

5. Don't buy anymore prodcuts to try for the next 10 weeks. Only products that can be brought until my next relaxer are those to replenish my staple products (like-for-like).

6. No more trimming (I had to add this one!)

My 3 goals for Year 2 of My HAIR Journey:  July 2011 - July 2012 are:

1. To keep my shedding and breakage under control.

2. To grow my hair to full APL.

3. To have a full head of thick, healthy moisturise protein balanced texlaxed hair.

I plan on adding my 5 goals for each relaxer cycle and see how I get on. I think this will be more rewarding for me at this stage.

Hopefully I’ll progress this year without any further setbacks!!!

Wish me luck!!

Ciao 4 Now

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