Sunday, 12 June 2011

Relaxer #2

I decided to relax at just 2 days shy of being 10 weeks post.  This time I chose to use Affirm Fiber Guard Lye Relaxer in normal strength (I'm not ashamed to say that I was a little aprehensive!!!)

I decided a few weeks ago to change from using no-lye relaxer to a lye relaxer from the same range because I have been experiencing dryness issues which is probably caused by calcium build up from both the no-lye relaxer and the hard water in my area.

I was a little scared to use it as a) I wasn't sure if it would burn my scalp, b) whehter I would have problems with overlapping (I was extra careful not to) and c) that it would interact horribly with the Affirm Fiber Guard No-lye Relaxer previously used on my hair for the past two relaxers.  As far as I can tell I've suffered no adverse outcome and my hair feels great - touch's only been a day since my relaxer!!!  I shouldn't worry too much though, I'm 95% sure this is the exact same relaxer (lye) that my hairdresser used to use, before I stopped going to him a year ago.

This time taking note of my points from last relaxer I actioned the following:

1.  Ask Mummy Dearest to apply relaxer to the back of my head. 

2.  Continue to use two tubs of Affirm relaxer. 
Changed to Affirm Fiber Guard Lye Relaxer so this step does not apply, I had more than enough relaxer on hand.  I took out what I needed and put it into a bowl and added 3 x tablespoons of olive oil.

3.  Only leave on for 15 mins.
In reality it ended up being 17mins in total.  I'm very pleased with that, I've never done it  so quickly!!!

4.  Minimal smoothing after application.
I didn't really smooth, I just checked that the relaxer had soaked through the parts of my hair so no sections were left without relaxer touching them.

5.  No blowdrying the week beforehand, even though it makes for easier application.... 

I'm very pleased that I covered all of the points above and as a result I am VERY pleased with my relaxer results. 

My hair feels great, thick and looks really healthy.  I think my last two trims have contributed to this!  After adding my leave ins and detangling (the front left hand side of my hair had a fair few tangles in it, I now only detangle on 90% dried hair) I blowdried my hair using my Toni & Guy blow dryer with pik attachment.  I then documented the results with a few photos and then pincurled ready for bed.   I will post an update on my length and thickness in a separate post.

From now on I think I will definitely continue to stretch to 10 weeks instead of 13 weeks.  Hopefully this will a) result in less shedding and breakage issues and b) make the whole relaxing process easier to mange.

Ciao 4 Now

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