Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Shedding & Garlic

I’ve been carrying out a little research on effective ways to combat shedding.   I have covered what my plans are for tackling this internally, however I have another weapon in my arsenal GARLIC.

I have started applying the contents of 2 x garlic capsules to my scalp (1 x capsule for half of my head) 2-3 times a week but as well as this, I will be enlisting the help of some garlic conditioners.

I seriously considered adding either fresh chopped/crushed garlic or garlic powder to my shampoo, conditioner or oil but I really didn’t want to stink the place out with garlic hair. Besides, I couldn’t do it to my poor boyfriend, that’s just not fair.

I’ve therefore taken the decision to get some garlic conditioners from Amazon:

Alter Ego
I will use this to deep condition.

I will use this to cowash.

Alter Ego has some rave reviews. Everything I have read has been positive so I bit the bullet and paid the £35 shipping, cos I just had to have it. I ordered 2 x 1000ml tubs so that should last me about a year – hopefully more. I also ordered 2 x bottles of the Nutrine garlic conditioner.

I’m waiting for them to arrive as they are being shipped from the US. Hopefully ParcelForce won’t decide to open the package and charge me £25 for the privilege of them doing so. The thieving gits!!!!

I’ll do a review a month after using them.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I'm really looking forward to your reviews! I'm currently dealing with shedding and tried out garlic oil 2 weeks ago.

    I cannot stand the smell and really do not want to use again so I'm really interested in garlic focused hair products.

  2. I'll defo let you know.

    They arrived by DHL yesterday do I'm super excited to try them. I'm pleased wash day is today!!!


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