Thursday, 11 August 2011

Shedding & Removing My Weave

"Just a few pictures of my shed hair taken after removing my weave."

Shed hair during removal of weave and detangling

Same as above but compacted

Hair accidently cut from the right hand side with the seam ripper

Compacted shed hair during washing

Total amount of shed hair compacted

Same as above but this time as a side view

To me, this amount of shed hair was an acceptable amount, I certainly wasn't upset when I saw this hair coming out as I am sure I would have lost more if my hair had not been in a weave.  Now I just have to continue with taking my supplements and using my garlic conditioners to get the shedding under control.

Wish me luck!


  1. That's not bad at all..How long did you have your weave in again? I had braids in for 5 weeks and lost so much hair that I freaked out and purchased some Garlic Vitamins. I am now in twists(with my own hair) and hoping to lose so much LESS hair!

  2. Hi Miss D

    I had the weave in for about 4 weeks I think. Glad its out now, I much prefer my new kinky twists.

    I probably would have cried if I'd left the weave in any longer and inevitably shed more in the process! (",)

    Thanks for reading my blog....

    Ciao 4 Now


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