Monday, 29 August 2011

Caring For My HAIR Whilst In Hospital

"I had major surgery on Monday 22nd August and am pleased to say that it went well and that I am recovering nicely.  Part of the planning for my stay in hospital obviously involved taking care of my hair and putting my hair into kinky twists a couple of weeks beforehand was in planning for my stay in hospital."

Although everything seems to have gone to plan with my op, I'm afraid to say that the same cannot me said for my hair.  Prior to being admitted I really wanted to do a cowash followed by a deep conditioning treatment.  I'd brought some Dove daily care conditioner for the cowash and some Vatika Deep Conditioner Hot Oil Treatment for the deep conditioning part of the wash day.

Unfortunately, with all the prep I had to do beforehand I had no time to wash my hair and it still remains in it's unwashed state.  Luckily my hair does not look dirty, nor does it smell - thank goodness!!!!  It does feel a bit dry in places though which is something that I need to sort out quick time!

I feel that I have been extremely slack with my hair over the past 7 days.  I have moisturised and sealed twice, once on the morning of my op and once two days ago.  I did manage to remember to pack and wear my satin bonet (most of the time) so I hope I haven't caused my hair too much damage in the process but to be honest, I feel that my health is the most important, my hair health certainly comes after my overall health and wellbeing.

I would like to wash my hair today but it won't be possible so I will plan to do it on Wednesday.  For now I will settle with a good old moisturising and sealing session using a hot towel to accelerate the process.

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