Sunday, 4 September 2016

Transformed ~ The Toni Daley Blow Dry Unit Can Be Curled!

"One evening whilst perusing the Instagram accounts in my feed I stumbled across a post on Toni's page where her niece Keisha had curled her Toni Daley Blow Dry unit using perm rods."

My mind set to work quick time - I have rods and I have the Blow Dry Unit which I reviewed here so yep, I'ma need to do this!"

Here is a reminder of what the Blow Dry Unit looked like before this little experiment...

In her tutorial Keisha created beautiful tight neat coils which resulted in a lovely curly fro.  

I'm a huge fan of messy unstructured hair, so I wanted a more blown out soft set to my unit.  So after thoroughly combing through the unit I lightly two strand twisted the hair before loosely adding eight perm rods (5 large at the front and 3 small in the back).  I performed the curling process whilst wearing the unit so I could see where the curls would lay and the direction they would fall in.  

Once I was ready to set the hair I removed the unit and dipped the perm rods into hot water from the kettle which I had placed into a heatproof bowl. I dipped each rod for 5-10 seconds.   I then laid the unit on a towel to dry a little whilst I finished getting dressed.  

As is usually the case, I started this process whilst I was supposed to be getting ready for an afternoon out so I didn't have a lot of time to take photos.  

I popped the unit back onto my head, the rodded sections where cool but still a bit wet.  I carefully unraveled the eight sections.  The dipped sections at the ends of the unit was still a little wet so I grabbed a towel and blotted dry before shaking my head and carefully separating the curled ends. 

I have also discovered that although the Blow Dry Unit is a half-wig, it can be worn as a full wig.  I have a seriously small amount of hair left out at the front and sides, it is basically just baby hairs whatever doesn't fit into my twists I moisturise and tease it forward with the palm of my hands and then use that to bridge the gap between my hair and the unit.

I absolutely love the end result!  It's glamorous and looks like it could be my own hair.

A great thing I discovered about this unit is that it incredibly versatile as a week after curling the unit I fancied wearing it straight again.  So I grabbed my hair dryer with the comb attachment and blow dried it straight again.  

I have been flitting between straight and curly with this unit and will be doing so for the foreseeable - I'm well and truly hooked!

Next I think I will re-vamp my Big Chop unit as I plan to wear that again this winter.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This unit looks so natural, I love it!

  2. Whether straight or curled up, I think this length of unit looks very pretty on you. Thanks for the tutorial!

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