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"What Are Your Thoughts On Going Natural?"

"I recently received a comment on one of my wash day posts regarding my shedding issues. Along with this was a question asking 'What are your thought on going natural?' " 

Okay....okay, the picture above is is NOT how my hair would look if it were natural - but one can have dreams ....right?!  If my hair would look like this I would have been sporting natural hair a long time ago....!

Anyway, back to the original question which came through anonymously .  Along with wanting to know what my thoughts were on 'going natural', the commenter also stated that she 'would love know my reasons and thoughts!'.  So, I thought I would oblige.

Truthfully it is something that I have thought about on and off over the past 3 years of my HHJ.

If I am being totally honest, I think it might work on making my hair appear thicker, partly due to the lack of the harsh chemicals in relaxers. Another plus point would be that I would no longer have varying hair textures to contend with (i.e. coily new growth, tangling texlaxed hair and currently a mixture of relaxed and some lovely under-processed ends - oh joy!).  

Quick somebody pass me that damn afro comb!!! 

 Just kidding....

All jokes aside, I know that it's not really the right option for me right now. Also, I don't think it would have any significant effect on combating my shedding woes.

I already spend ages (sometimes too long!) on my hair each week and think that I would spend even longer on it if I were to 'go natural'. Personally, I think it would be too much hassle for me.

I have 'unintentionally' gone natural before - way back in my early 20's and my hair was actually tameable at that point, but with the use of heat. I have always had a ridiculous amount of shrinkage since I was a child and also no real curl pattern to speak of, just super coily hair fine textured hair. It may have changed a bit though over the years, as it usually does every 3 years or so, but I'm not ready to find out!

Also, if I am honest, I don't really want to jump on the 'I'm cutting off all my hair and going natural' bandwagon or cutting it off because I have become frustrated with it during a particularly stressful wash day.  For me, no longer relaxing my hair and big chopping is something I would need to think about more and see how it fits into my lifestyle and commitments on my time.

One thing I know for sure is that I would not have the patience or inclination to transition for any longer than 6 months and that 6 month transition would have to be done whilst in protective styles.

I love checking out the YouTube pages and blogs of the beautiful ladies who choose to no longer use relaxers and have either done dramatic big chops early on or transitioned offering great tips to others on how they have accomplished their goal. I think it's great and for many of them it has been the best thing both for them personally and for their hair! I know that if I went natural now I would regret it soon after and probably wouldn't even last a year before turning back to relaxers so I just don't have to deal with it anymore - not unless my hair was constantly in long term protective styles! For me I don't see the point of me cutting my hair free of a relaxer - just to go back to in within months or a year or two.

Lastly, in the back of my mind I do wonder how many of the ladies who have 'gone natural' will continue to have completely natural hair (not heat-trained or texturised in any way) in 3 or so years time? I suppose as with anything, there may be a percentage who start to relax or texturise their hair again for whatever reason. I know I would definitely be one of those people! (",)

Ladies, what are your thoughts on going natural?  Is it something you have considered?

Thank you 'Anonymous' for the blog topic!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This is a very thoughtful response. As a person who transitioned and is now relaxer free, I think you made awesome points because Honey, I am loving the press-n-curl. Ain't nobody got time for my curl patternless mane:-)

    I wanted to have awesome curls and an awesome twistout, but that's not possible with my hair. However, I'm glad to be done with the chemicals. But! that may all change when the summer months hit because I sweat in my hair. Yikes!

  2. I'm tex-laxed and whenever I kick the flat iron, I get asked if I'm hopping on the "natural bandwagon." While there's nothing wrong with chemical free heads of hair---I'm just not interested in it or getting on anyone's bandwagon.

    I think that we've all considered transitioning before somewhere along the line in this hair journey. The best part about it is that we have a choice. And in whatever you choose: own it. Natural, textured, bone straight. Just work it!

    Great post chica

  3. Great response. I contemplate this idea almost every single stretch, with that being said relaxers always win. I'm sure I would more than likely be a heat-trained natural. I like my hair straight, BUT I have been entertaining the idea of having a huge puffball. I don't want to learn my hair all over again.

  4. @MrsDjRass

    OMG!!! I totally sweat in my head too - especially at night!! I completely forgot about that. My hair would seriously be reverting on a daily basis. :)

    Yep, I also hear you on the 'Ain't nobody got time for my curl patternless mane!'. The only part of my hair with curl patter is the top and front but the sides, nape and crown - well that curl pattern is MIA! Your hair is beautiful though and so thick! Absoloutely gorgeous.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. @KLP

    Gurrrl, I couldn't agree with you more! I agree with everything you said right there! I remember when I was stretching my relaxer last year (or the year before I can't even remember and it's too late at night to go back through the posts and check - hehehe!) I got asked a few times if I was going natural. I know that for me, wearing my hair in it's natural state just isn't for me right now.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. @LaQT/ Ty


    I would most certainly be heat trained like you say. I do like my hair straight (with some texture as when I have 'plastic' hair it scares me as it's so unusual for me now!)so heat training would definitely be the way for me. Wearing a huge puff looks so beautiful - I need to find me a protective style i.e. a way to do my crochet braids which allows me to wear it up in a giant puff. I would LOVE that!!!

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. Certainly when you first go natural and start getting acquainted with your hair, the process to care for it is longer. However, over time you learn how to do it snap snap lickety snap. fast :-)
    I've been natural for 9 years almost and Finally after deciding to put my flat iron down did I discover what works for my hair.
    It's definitely a personal choice. for me, it was the fear that some day (maybe after a touch up), my hair would start falling out on my pillow. I actually had a dream about it!

  8. @Michelle @Radiant Brown

    I reckon you're right, it would take some getting used to being reaquainted with my natural hair texture. I just have so many different textures and densities of thickness in hair on my head that at this point it time it just seems like such a tall order for me.

    Your hair is gorgeous by the way!!!!

    Thanks for commenting


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