Thursday, 15 December 2011

My HAIR Plans

"So, after the mishap which was my last relaxer I have decided to plan ahead for my wash day's over the next 5 weeks before my corrective relaxer."

I have been checking out my hair and I am definitely under-processed in several areas.  I am currently trying to ascertain what corrective relaxing process to adopt in order to correct this;

Option 1
 Do I...wait 5-6 weeks and then correct the under processed areas only and then stretch my relaxer for a further 8 weeks?


Option 2
Do I...wait 10 weeks, relax my new growth using the half and half method and then smooth down over the parts that are under-processed during the last 5-8 mins of processing time - depending on level of under-processing as some parts are worse than others?

To be honest, knowing me (let's say I can be a little impatient...) and knowing My HAIR (quite dry, fragile with shedding issues), I think that Option 1 is what I will most likely end up doing.  I feel that this option will give my hair less chance to break off in the the next few weeks at my self-made-line of demarcation, especially in the most severely under-processed areas which are in the back and on the sides - actually, it's all over my head - who am I kidding!??!.  I definitely want to avoid another set-back after all the hair I have lost in the last year due to excessive shedding caused by my iron deficiency..

For now the plan to get me through the next 3-4 weeks will be as follows:

I think this should work nicely, although I've never been in this situation before.  Right about now I am even more pleased that I have my full lace unit!

Tomorrow will be wash day so I will follow the steps for 1 week post and they will be as follows: 

Wash Day #1
* Detangle - with aloe vera juice and grapeseed oil
* Pre Poo - with grapeseed oil, glycerin and L'oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Mask with heat cap
* Shampoo Wash - 1st lather with ORS Creamy Aloe
* Cowash - 2nd lather with Hair One Cleanser
* Protein Treatment - Either ORS Hair Mayo and Alter Ego mixed with oil with heat or Aphogee 2 min reconstructor (for 5 mins)
* Deep Condition - Moisturising conditioner mixed with aloe vera and a little glycerin

Looks like I have a long evening ahead of me tomorrow....

By the way, does anyone happen know whether it will be a problem with putting my kinky twists back in my hair about 3 weeks after the corrective relaxer?  This will help me during the stretch and will keep manipulation to a minimum.

Ciao 4 Now

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