Friday, 9 December 2011

Just A Little Funny...!

"Last night I got into bed and my boyfriend commented that I smelt kinda smokey.  I was very impressed that he could easily decipher the smell as smokey!  I then informed him it was because I had just massaged some JBCO into my edges and nape.  I also explained that the unrefined castor oil smells this way and the JBCO helps to make my hair grow in thicker.  He said that was "great" but what wasn't so great is that he said that "I smelt like fag ash!".  Charming.   This is a far cry from the smokey I had conjoured up in my head, I was thinking more like a log fire - not cigarettes!   I will continue to use the JBCO, despite the smell, although I may mix in some essential oils so I don't smell like a flipping ashtray!!! 



  1. Hey maybe you can try the extra dark version, which I use. I've heard people talk about the scent but I don't have that problem. Though I haven't tried the regular one...

  2. @Anonymous

    I finally got around to purchasing and trying the Extra Dark version and you are right, it doesn't smell as bad as the regualr JBCO.

    Thanks for the tip!


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