Friday, 30 December 2011

Wash Day Diary: 24.12.11

"I decided to wash my hair on Christmas eve as I figured I wouldn't have enough time to get it done on another day during the holidays.  It was a pretty straight forward cowash."

1.  Detangled in 4 x sections using AVJ as my detangler.
2.  Pre-poo with coconut oil.
3.  Deep conditioned with a few more spritz's of AVJ, grapeseed oil and AOHSR which is the first time I have used this.  Covered with a plastic bag and put my hand held dryer on to heat it up a bit.  Left to sit for 30mins.
4.  Cowashed out using Treseme Moisture Rich Conditioner (not sure why I've not used this in ages, it made my hair feel wonderfully soft.  Rinsed.
5.  Cowashed again using Nutrine Garlic Conditioner. I love this stuff.  Rinsed.
6.  Placed towel on my head for 5 mins then applied leave ins; Elasta H2o, AVJ, Giovanni Direct Leave In, Grapeseed Oil and Giovanni Frizz Be Gone serum.  Applied JBCO to my scalp.
7.  Left to 80% dry before detangling and two strand twisted before putting into two side buns to stretch out the texture to make it more manageable.

8. Once dry, I applied some Shea Goodness Serum to my scalp and a little coconut oil to my strands for shine.

On Christmas day I covered the buns with my lace front.  Since then, I have worn my hair in two flat twists and M&S twice daily.  I plan on doing a henna gloss treatment this weekend as it's overdue and my 'wisdom hairs' are really announcing their presence!

Ciao 4 Now

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