Thursday, 10 November 2011

First Impressions: My Lace Wigs

"I feel like I've not posted in ages!  I have been so damn busy this week, not to mention completely shattered.  Anyway.....both of my units have arrived and I am just holding back on reviewing them for now...."  

First impressions both were not so great because they didn't seem to fit properly!  I quickly discovered that this  that this was due to user error as I really hadn't tamed my 4 months worth of new growth adequately so with puffy roots it was difficult making the wigs fit.   I still need to get my my lovely mum to braid my hair up - which I think I will ask her to do next week.

Anywhoooo.......back to my new hair.....!!!

The texture of the (full lace) unit with a fringe is beautiful!  I love it sooooo much!  The texture of the (lace front) unit  is far silkier in texture which I am not so keen on but it looks fab - especially now that I've washed it and it's wavy instead of straight.  I also prefer the way that the hair comes out of a full lace wig, hair is knotted through each hole in the lace which gives a wonderfully natural appearance, as opposed to the lace front which has the hair sewn on in thin tracks.

I'm really enjoying wearing my new hair and I'm even planning my next unit which will probably be a glueless full lace from either Miss Wigs or RPG Show.

Come by again for the full reviews

Ciao 4 Now

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