Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wash Day Diary 25.11.11

"It's been two weeks, could have gone longer to be honest, but I'm thinking of relaxing my hair next week."

It was a pretty straight forward routine for me this week.

1.  Took out each braid (my hair is braided under my full lace), there are about 10 or 12 of them and they are not cornrows - still can't do them.  I detangled each braid as I went along using MnT Detangler and grapeseed oil. 

2.  Next I coated each section with Loreal Elvive Damage Care Masque (which is rich in ceramides), two strand twisted each section and secured with my wash clips.

3.  I shampoo washed my hair with Elsta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

4.  I then did a quick protein treatment using Trespak Reconstructor.  I had this hanging around from the start of my HJ last year and have never used it till now.  It smells so strong and I disliked it so much that I threw it in the bin after using it.....(I've since fished it back out of the bin because the results on my hair were pretty good, despite the overpowering fragrance!)

5.  I then applied my deep conditioning mix using 4 x spoons of Keracare Moisturising Conditioner, 2 x spoons of hemp seed oil,1 x spoon of Roux Porosity Control and 1 x spoon of JASON 84% Aloe conditioner for a little added moisture as this mix was pretty thick/sticky.

This mix gave me tremendous slip, like no other mixed I have previously used!!!  The slip was so good that I decided to detangle with the deep conditioner in my hair using my Denman brush.   I lost a normal amount of hair  considering that my hair has not been combed for two weeks.

The whole wash and detangling process took me an hour up to this point.

6.  Next I added my leave in's Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizier, Aphogee Pro-vitamin leave in and a mixture of Kinky Curly Knot Today mixed with JCBO (I really need to get some aloe vera juice!).  I sealed this in with grapeseed oil followed by CHI Silk Infusion.

I then put my hair into twists - using the same sections I had used during my wash process and then went to bed - with damp hair!!!  I had to - it was almost 2am!!! 

Ciao 4 Now

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