Thursday, 10 November 2011

Have I Managed To Find The Perfect Inexpensive Moisturiser For My HAIR....?!!??

"Whilst browsing the aisles of my local Tesco Superstore, I stumbled across this product Vatika Hair Fall Control Cream.  After reading the ingredients (of which there are only 4!) I immediately decided that I must give this product a try!" 

It's only been a week so far with this purchase but I am more than pleasantly surprised with the results I have been getting.  I shouldn't be surprised though, seeing as I have been more than impressed with Vatika Coconut Oil in the past year since I started using it and I've also been impressed with their hot oil treatments that I purchased in August 2011, so I thought that giving this a go would be a pretty safe bet.

This is not a full review on this product, that will come in a month or so but let me tell you, first impressions of this are great!!! I mean, instantly moisturised, soft yet strengthened hair is what I'm talking about.  I'm not fussed about it's 'hair fall (a.k.a. shedding) control' claims, I'm happy with my garlic and iron plans to control this.  You can use it as a pre-poo treatment but I use it as a daily moisturiser and it's working great!  And the best part is that it doesn't contain any protein!

Stay tuned for the review.

In the meantime, have any of you lovely ladies tried this product?

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  1. Sounds great.. might have to try that :)

  2. I've used it and did a review too! I didn't find it did much in regard to reducing shedding, but it was really nice as a pre-poo for me! Here was my review:


  3. @ Yolandaas - It really is good. It moisturises all three textures of my hair so well. Another good thing is its only £2.49 and available it flipping Tescos!!! (**,)

    @Sheli - Your hair is so beautiful!!!! I stumbled across your blog last only last Saturday whilst looking for reviews on this Vatika cream after I'd brought it. Yours was the only site I could find with a proper review! So I quickly added you to my list of useful info blogs. (",)

  4. Awwww, thank you!! I'm so glad you found my review helpful!! I haven't used that in a while, but I still have it under the sink and will definitely re-visit eventually. I've just been using the regular Vatika oil as of late. No reason, just have. I like your site too:). Unfortunately, with maintaining my own blog, I don't have as much time to just surf and read as I used to do. But, I try to check in every now and again! Keep up the good work and I hope that you continue to find my site helpful=)!!



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