Saturday, 12 November 2011

Henna & It's Picture Heavy!!!

"Sat here eating my dinner Delia Smith Meatballs which my mum intoduced me to & it's sooooo simple to cook and I have my henna gloss treatment working it's magic (whist watching crappy XFactor (UK) the US version is much better!  The only good act on it is Mischa B, I always look forward to her performance). date with henna is well and truly overdue so I'll let you know what I did this time around".

Last night I moisturised my hair in sections using Bee Mine Luscious, sealed with grapeseed oil and oiled my scalp/roots with Tola's Growth Oil then plaited my hair into two french braids.

I made up my henna mix with the following:

1 box of henna powder
2 x tsp of amla powder
2 x tsp of shikakai powder
1 x tsp of Neem Powder
1 x tsp of Fenugreek
3 x tsp of Hemp Seed Oil
1 x tsp Coconut Oil
1 x tsp Blackstrap Molases
4 x Odourless Garlic Capsules

I then added hot water and mixed this to a thick consistency, thick enough to stand a spoon (or my mixing chopsticks in)!   I like my henna mix thick at this stage before the oil and conditioner are added as I hate dripping henna all down my neck and in my ears.


See my chopsticks are standing all proud!!!

Next I added the oils and mixed again

Once the oil is added it looks like a cowpat!  The white bits are the coconut oil which is melting in the residual heat.

Next I add the HEHH conditioner, I never measure this - I just add enough.... (",)

I've had this blackstrap molases hanging around for about a year now, I used it internally to increase my iron levels and externally in a caramel gloss treament which I only ever did once, so I thought I would throw some into this henna gloss mix.

A couple of pics of my hair prior to starting the long old henna gloss process.
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That is alot of new growth.  Whenever I tell anyone that I haven't relaxed my hair since June the first thing they say is "Why hasn't it broken off?!!!"  I tell them it's because I look after actually I baby my hair!

My HAIR with one of the braids removed.  I have not detangled my hair yet and this is the state it's in after a week of not combing it!
My hair today was in two loose french braids.  I detangled my hair in sections using Mane 'n' Tail Detangler and appled grapeseed oil to each section.

Check out that new growth!

These are the exact same sections I wash my hair in at this many weeks post.  I have 9 sections and I am currently 22 weeks post relaxer.
This is the amount of grapeseed oil that I use for each section.  I apply this then spray in two short pumps of the Detangler

Next I started applying the henna to my hair in these sections

Almost done with the application

The henna mix looks pretty brown, this is due to the molases

All done now

I finished applying the henna at 8pm and it's 10pm now.  I think I will leave it on for another 30mins or an hour before rinsing out. 

I will be trying out the Matrix Biolage Cera-Repair hair tongiht.  I brought it today.  Just been looking on Relaxed Hair Health's blog to see how best to use it.  I think I will apply it then add the Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm over the top and then sit under my heated cap for 30mins.

Looks like a late one for me tonight then....



  1. Wow, thanks for the detailed pictorial! You are sooo making me want to do a henna treatment, like now!
    You do have a lot of new-growth and you're handling it very well!

  2. You must do an update post telling us your results!

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

    Ms D - I have so much new growth, I hope my mum and I can manage to texlax it properly next week. I will miss it though when it's gone...!

    Shereen - I'm gutted I didn't take pics fo the results. They were good, but I put my hair staight into my ridiculous looking braids the next day. By the time I washed my hair two weeks later I already had greys showing through the front where my hair had already grown. Next time I think I'll try and video the process and show the results (",)

    Ciao 4 Now


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