Monday, 18 April 2011

MY HAIR ~ PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Toni & Guy Afro Moisture Lock Hairdryer


During a recent wash day I experienced real 'issues' with drying my hair and stretching out my new growth at the same time.  My new growth was so thick, I just could not get the comb through it.  On top of this, I had to contend with my texlaxed hair and relaxed ends.  In an attempt to sort out my hair, I had to resort to pulling the mid section of my hair so that my newgrowth was stretched and then drying like this.  NOT FUN and I also had concerns that it was not so great for my hair!!!!  At this point, I decided then that it was time to go back to an 'old school' styling tool i.e. a blow dryer - with a pik attachement.

I had two main goals when researching which dryer I wanted to purchase:
1.  First and foremost it had to have a pik attachment, or at least be able to fit one. 

2.  Secondly, I was interested in finding a dryer that didn't over dry my already dry fine strands.

The internet hunt ensued.........
I spent a few hourst trawling the internet for suggested hair dryers which were easy to find here in the UK and hopefully didn't cost a fortune.

Initially I started looking into getting a Wahl Power Pik as I had one of these before (actually, I had two due to one blowing up for some  unexplained reason) way back in the 90's. 

I later and luckily stumbled across theToni & Guy Afro Moisture Lock Hairdryer. As soon as I read that it had a hair pik along with ionic technology and was made especially for afro hair I was hooked.  I managed to find one really easily on the Argos website for the bargain price of £24.47 as they were having a promotion, so I quickly reserved it drove to Argos to make my purchase.

I was dying to carry out an Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment as I wanted to do this before my relaxer the following week so raced home that day and applied the treatment to my hair.  When it came to time for drying my hair I unpackaged the hair dryer and proceeded to attach the pik and then got stuck in with taming 12 weeks of new growth!  This hairdryer is fab, it tackled the new growth with no issues whatsoever!!!  My hair was left lovely, thick, straight and light to the touch and better still, not overly dry.  RESULT!!! 

I really this hairdryer.  I am so glad I stumbled across it.  It's much gentler on my fine strand than my Babyliss dryer and round brush technique ever was....!

Ciao 4 Now


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