Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another Self-Trim #2

Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna end up with no hair on my head!  I am almost obsesed with getting rid of my bone straight relaxed ends and to that end, I can't help trimming my hair!!! 

After my relaxer last Tuesday 5th April, my ends were feeling quite dry, tangling easily and I noticed quite a few split ends at the left hand side of my nape.  I've very rarely ever seen split ends in my hair, I hope this isn't an undesireable side effect of texlaxing.....?  So, with all these factors in  place I knew My HAIR needed to be introduced to the scissors for 'a short date'!!!

This time around I decided to use both my Split Ender and my hair scissors.  To be honest, I only gave myself a minor dusting but that was really all that was needed. In additon, as I haven't blowdried and flat ironed I didn't want to take off too much of the ends as I will probably have another little dust then.

After the dusting, my hair feels and looks so much better.  Less tangles.  Less hair on my hands when I finger comb and style.  I am going to do a tea rinse sometime this weekend to rectify the slight shedding and breakage that I have before it becomes a problem. My hair has great shine and looks so damn thick - I am a happy bunny and very pleased that my last relaxer wasn't a disaster as I thought it had been.

Although I have only gained a little length since July '10 my hair is so much thicker.  As this was the main motivation for starting my hair journey I can live with the thickness over length - no problem.  (",)

Ciao 4 Now

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