Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Hey T, What Can I Do For My Hair?"

To my surprise, this is a question I have been asked twice this week.  Once from my very good friend and once from my Lil Sis!!!!  The reason for the exclamation marks is because I am so chuffed to bits that my Lil Sis has started to try a few things out on her hair.  She has beautiful hair which is naturally thick and with only a few minor changes to her routine, I just know her hair will flourish and more than likely overtake mine!  (",)

Below are extracts from the emails that I sent to these two lovely ladies:

To my Lil Sis: 
Points to note, my sis does not like oil or grease in her hair.  She is a no nonsense with my hair kinda girl.  She likes a simple regimen and hates heavy hair products and faff!!

Coconut oil - is amazing, makes your hair strong. My guess is you don't like the feel of oil in your hair so you could make a great deep conditoner by adding this to your Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing conditoner.  Or, you could heat some oil gently till it's warm in the microwave and apply that to your hair and leave on during the evening that you are going to wash your hair.  You could also add the rosemary essential oil to this and use for scalp massages. 

Pure coconut oill usually looks white in the bottle and is solid.  You can keep it liquid by keeping in a warm place like the airing cupboard.  This stuff is amazing, I use it on my hair (keeps my dry newgrowth really soft) and also on my body and face too.  It's so cheap!!!

If you can find Vatika coconut oil, this is good, doesn't smell that great but makes your hair so so soft and contains natural ingredients which are great for your hair.

Washing your hair:  Try not to wash every week with clarifying or chelating shampoos like ORS creamy aloe shampoo.  Although it makes your hair soft and clean, it is very harsh as a weekly shampoo, for regular shampooing you need something more moisturising.  Try to use the chelating or clarifying shampoos only once a month.  An example would be Elasta QP Creme moisturising shampoo or Bee Mine Moisturing Botanical Shampoo because both of these have no sulphates which do tend to dry out your hair.

To my Good Friend
Points to note:  This girl has minimal time to spend on her hair.  Whereas I am happy to spend a whole evening henna'ing my hair my girl has no time and would rather spend her time doing other things.  She was recently advised by her stylist to blow out her roots when it's time for her relaxer to stop them from breaking when they become dry.....!

I was thinking that the following could help you out when your roots turn crispy like the soles of your feet (",)

1.  Defo don't use hair grease on any part of your hair.  Natural oils are the way to go.

2.  Try using some castor oil on your roots and pay particular attention to the crispiest parts of your hair.  You could also use coconut oil (can get it in any Indian shop) that softens up new growth nicely and is not as heavy as castor oil.  You could try mixing the two which is what I do. Coconut oil is often solid in a bottle but you can also find it in jars which is great.  I use it for my hair, body and face too!  It's brilliant stuff.

3.  Make sure you deep condition your hair with a moisturising conditioner every week to get the moisture back into it.  That also means washing your hair every week (instead of every 2 weeks!).  For your deep conditioner a good cheap and effective one that is moisturising and a light protein is Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditoner.  Mix it with some castor oil and coconut oil to make it extra good it will soften your hair really well, especially when kept on overnight or for a few hours if you can.

4.  Try not to blow dry every time you wash your hair.  I don't agree with blowdrying your roots regularly.  If you moisturise correctly you shouldn't have to resort to blowdrying which can be overly drying and damaging to your hair.

One thing I would say is the best way to keep your roots from being crispy is to add moisture moisture moisture.  The best way to do this is with water.  Cowashing, washing with must conditioner is great too as it's less drying than shampoo.  One thing that I do is get an old spray bottle, put some water or rose water in it and add either some hair moisturiser, conditioner or leave-in conditioner and a little oil into the bottle and shake it up.  I then spray this on my roots.  Not too much so it's soaking but just a little misting.  This helps my roots and lenghts of my hair to keep moisturised.  I keep it in my handbag just incase I need it. (",)  Yes, I am obsessed!!!

These tips seemed to have helped my friends so just posting here so I can direct anymore friends to this page at a later date.

Ciao 4 Now

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