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Wash Day Diary @ 4 Weeks Post: 20.04.13

"Last week my wash day was a day or so late.....this week I opted to bring it forward by a day or so"

These are the steps I followed for this shampoo wash:

1.  I lightly finger detangled, sectioned my hair into two and then applied my deep conditoner mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner and Roux Porosity control followed by AVJ.

2.  I then sat under my steamer for 30mins before covering my hair with a plastic cap and towel and left the deep conditioner on for an additional 2hrs whilst I did my nails.  My hair felt soft afterwards, maybe too soft almost mushy.  I think this down to the addition of AVJ as my hair felt very similar to this last week when I added AVJ to the Elasta QP Intense conditioner.

3.  I then rinsed out the deep conditioner and shampoo'd with KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo followed by a mix of KeraCare and Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

4.  As my hair felt kinda mushy I did a protein treatment with Aphogee 2 Step Keratin Treatment which I left in for about 3-4 mins before rinsing out.   I followed this with a moisturising deep conditioner KeraCare Humecto, which I left on for 5 mins.  I didn't think I needed to add this step but I did anyway as it's the done thing to follow protein with moisture.

5.  After rinsing out the conditioner I covered my hair with a TShirt and left it on for about 40minutes to soak up the additional moisture.  I then applied my leave ins and detangled,

6.  After detangling I blowdried my hair using the tension method and then flat ironed my hair.

I flat ironed because I was going for a night out with my sister and planned to wear my clip ins.  After flat ironing and putting in half of the clip ins  I decided that I didn't really need them and wore my own hair.  Unfortunately  I didn't really take any pictures of my hair bt this is a link to one my sister posted on Instagram.
I did plan on doing a tea rinse during this wash day but I realised when I was about to jump into the shower, that I had actually forgotten to make the brew - so I skipped it.  My hair has been shedding noticeably but I'm hoping that is down to me just noitciing the shedding as my hair is a) straight and b) loose.  I'll do a tea rinse next wash day.

Continuing the trend, my shedding is increasing each week.  This is the total amount of hair lost during my wash day from step 1 through to step 6.  I only have two more weeks until I install my next set of crochet braids.  The 4+ weeks in the protective style will cut down on manipulation and hopefully keep shedding to a minimum.

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures today as I was super busy.....

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Hello im a BIG fan of your Blog! i love the humour and wisdom it offers!
    just a recommendation: Ive noticed that its Shedding and not really Breakage that seems to be your main problem on your HHJ and not really breakage per say so why dont you do a Black Tea rinse Every washday? it not only worked for me but also for another hairspitartion of mine Jeni of, steeping it the night before and letting it soak into the water will really pack a punch on your shedding! But doing it ever washday regardless will help the most! Also i notice you use garlic as well, you should try "Hair Trigger" scalp oil it contains Garlic,Black tea AND onion! this has practically killed my shedding problems along with my trusty weekly black tea rinses! Heres Jeni's Review on it--
    lastly what are your thoughts on going natural? i would love konw your reasons and thoughts!
    THanks for the lovely blog! I hope the info helped!

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi (",)

    Thank you for your kind comments about my blog!

    You are certainly right, shedding is a massive issue for me. I rarely suffer any breakage and if I do, it tends to be from tension or things snagging my hair as opposed to its condition, so it will be in small localised spots.

    The shedding however, is a right P.I.T.A. for me and always seems to be present at varying degrees during my relaxer stretches.

    I have tried tea rinses using black tea, green tea and auyvedic herbs. I did my last tea rinse during my <a href=" wash day post</a>. It was my intention to do it again on this wash day but I realised I'd forgotten to make the Black and Green tea mix (I now use either green tea or a mixture of both black and green tea as it makes my hair less hard) just as I was hopping into the shower. Typical!

    I will take your tip on board about steeping the tea overnight so it is more potent and this should also eliminate the possibility of me forgetting to make it an hour or so before washing my hair.

    On a positive note, I did spritz my peppermint tea, AVJ and EVOO concoction onto my scalp when I applied my leave ins after washing as I knew I'd also missed it the week before during my quick cowash.

    I also love Jeni's blog - not only does her blog look beautiful but it is a great resource for information. Oh, and not to forget her hair is bloody GORGEOUS!!!

    I'm probably going to do a henna gloss this weekend (or next weekend) as it's almost time for my crochet braids to be installed. I now make up my henna mix with warm black tea instead of water so it packs a bit more of a punch and means the tea can stay on my hair for a longer period of time.

    I remember reading Jeni's review on Hair Trigger scalp oil. Being the massive Product Junkie that I am, I was all over it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I found that I would have to get it shipped from the US to the UK which turned me off as I prefer not to have to pay excessive shipping and the possibility of additional customs charges for hair products. It's a shame though because I would love to try it out!

    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting!


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