Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Product Haul: April 2013

"Okay, so I should be on a ban but I had to restock on staples so threw a couple of newbies in the cart when nobody was looking!"

I think I need to keep my card firmly in my purse for the rest of the year expect for strictly restocking on staples!

Items purchased from British Curlies Emporium
Bee Mine Juicy
Hairveda  CoCoasta Shikakai Oil (samples)
Hairveda Vatika Frosting (samples)
Hairveda Whipped Crème Ends Hydration (samples)
Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner (samples)

I have always been impressed with British Curlies since I placed my first order for Bee Mine samples back in 2011 and I have placed a few orders since then.  Unfortuately they made a small and very easy to make mistake when packing my items for dispatch and selected one sachet of Hairveda Whipped Gelly instead of Whipped Creme Ends Hydration.  I emailed them using their online function and I got a response straight away.  I was informed that a replacement would be sent to me and that I could keep the Whipped Gelly.  Today a couple of days later, my replacement Whipped Creme Ends sachet arrived along with another complimentary one.  That to me is fantastic customer service and it will definitely encourage me to keep going back to British Curlies Emporium.

Items purchased from Paks Cosmetics
Roux Porosity Control
Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo ORS Hair Mayonnaise Mane ‘n Tail Detangler Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner
5 x Aftress Water Wave – in a combination of colours 1b, 2 and 2/30

I still need to get: 
ORS Replenishing Conditioner
Tinned coconut milk

Ciao 4 Now

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