Monday, 16 April 2012

Wash Day Diary @ 11 Days Post: 16.04.12

"I decided to do a super quick wash today."

As I was cowashing and not shampooing today I didn't prepoo.  These are the steps I followed:

1.  Jumped in the shower and saturated my hair in two sections using my shower filter.

2.  Applied Dove Daily Care Conditioner (used this up) and left in for 2mins.

3.  Rinsed, squeezed out excess water and then applied deep condtioner mixed with Roux Porosity Control mixed with AOHSR and left on for 3-5mins before rinsing.

4.  Put a TShirt on my head to soak up excess water for 15mins

5.  Applied leave ins of Elasta QP H2 Leave in Conditioner, Wave Noveau Finishing Lotion, sealed with grapeseed oil followed by Giovanni Frizz Be Gone.

6.  Air dried in two sections.  I'll moisturise and detangle before bed.

Like I said, this was a super quick, no muss no fuss wash day!!  It felt good not having to spend hours on my hair an still have the rest of the evening to spend with my BF.

That's all folks!

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