Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sleek Haul & My New Denman Ebonite Comb

"I needed some new make up.  As a high street make up convert I was keen to try the Sleek range, especially as I didn't want to spend big bucks on stuff I hardly ever wear."

I got 11 items in total consisting of:

New Skin Revive Foundation in Toffee
Face Countour Kit in Dark
Blush By 3 in Pink Sprint
Blush By 3 in Flame
Luminating Highlighting Concealer in No5
Eau La La Liner in Dragon Fruit
Storm I-Divine Storm Palette
Pout Paint in Pin Up
Pout Paint in Port
Pout Paint in Lava
Pout Paint in Peek-A-Bloo

The next item I have my eye on is the Oh So Special eye shaddow palette.

So far I am really impressed by the whole range in particular the Pout Paints, Contour Kit and the coverage of the foundation, although I think I might have to mix it with another colour just to get the right tone for my skin.

I am completely rubbish with applying makeup as I tend not to wear it much anymore these days.  I have had a go at applying some make up over the weekend and have had great fun with the Pout Paints which are so versatile.  You can mix them together to make new shades or add them to exisisting lipsticks to change the tone.  Great product!!!!

Excuse my headscarf in the bottom pics! I originally had the MUA lipstick in shade 11 (last pic) then added somes Pout Paint in Lava to make the orange tone.  I then dedicided to change this to a red by adding Pout Paint Pin Up.  I blotted a few times between application to get a more matt finish.  Today in the first picture I have added Pout Paint in Peek-A-Bloo and a little Pout Paint in Port to the MUA shade 11 lipstick which only costs £1!!! Great base colour!!  I look a bit lighter in the last three pics (taken yesterday) because I used flash and the sun was streaming through the window.

I have been trying to brush up my application skills by watching lots of YouTube videos on make up.  Although the girls look beautiful, I find that the amount of make up they wear is way too much for me,  plus I can't be bothered with adding a base for this, and using a seperate brush for that so my approach will be a pared down version.

I already spend alot of my life in front of the mirrior messing with my hair on a weekly/daily basis so the time I have to allocate to  makeup will be approx 10-15mins tops!

Besides, my goal is not to wind up looking like a frickin' Bratz doll seeing as I already have big eyes, voluptuous lips and a penchant for long hair fakery!!!

I also picked up the following items from TK Maxx:

Mad Beauty Brush Set for £4.99
Hot Off The Press Compact Mirror with LED Lights £7.99
Denman Ultimate Handmade Ebonite Grooming Comb £2.99

I am most impressed with the Denman comb as this is a complete bargain! I needed to get another hard rubber fine tooth and medium tooth comb from Hercules Sagemann for rollersetting.  This comb will do the job of two combs and at a fraction of the price for the same quality.  Result!!!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I had no idea denman did combs too!!! Haha! Love the lipstick looks :)

    x Fi

  2. @Fiona

    I know!!! I had no clue either, but for £2.99 I had to grab it. It actually works really nicely, no snagging or anything.

    T (",)


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