Thursday, 5 April 2012

My HAIR on My Mind: General Anaesthetic & Hair Loss

"Whilst surfing the net on my way into work this morning, I discovered that there can be a link between anaesthetic, dry/brittle hair and most significantly, hair loss!!!  This certainly goes a long way to explaining my shedding problems over recent months!"

Although shedding and dry hair are not something that I am new to, it has been pretty much continuous over the past few months. 

Not only have I had major surgery on 22nd August where I was under general anaesthetic for 4 hrs, I also had another general anaesthetic for a minor operation where I was under for 1hr, less than 5 months later in January 2012.  I was also pretty stressed out prior to both operations for months beforehand when I realised I would need surgery.  

To put it mildly, I don't get on too well with general anaesthetic. It makes me feel extremely nauseous, I actually vomit if not given medication to prevent this and I also suffer from extreme fatigue for many months after being put under.  All in all it is not a great experience for me and as I do suffer these horrible side effects it is leading me to believe that I have a strong sensitivity to the drugs used.

I definitely think that it could be a contributory factor in my hair loss.   Along with the shedding I have certainly noticed a marked increase in diffuse thinning of my hair density. I am off to do some more research on this and I will be posting more about this topic very soon.

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  1. I believe its called telogen effluvium, and its hair loss due to extreme stress on the body e.g. major surgery, giving birth etc. It's something i'm extremely concerned about as i'm due to have major surgery in a couple months. I read somewhere that taking vitamin c may reduce the shedding but this was awhile back and i don't remember the why's or how's. Will definitely be paying attention to your posts on this!

  2. @Rana


    I hope your surgery goes well. It can be such a stressful time when you have surgery coming up.

    I will definitely be posting an unpdate on telogen effluvium. I can't believe I have only just discovered the link!

    Thanks for commenting!



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