Monday, 9 April 2012

Night Out Wearing My Clip In's

"I had a Bank Holiday night out last night and decided to dust off the clip ins."

I haven't worn these clip ins for almost a year I think.  When I opened the fabric bag they are kept in they were a tangled mess!

I got to work on the tracks using mainly the Tangle Teezer as it made swift work of the tangles

I put the tracks into two piles, one pile of single tracks which are the width of a wig clip and made using cheaper hair and then the other pile with the longer tracks which have been cut to the size of where they are placed on my head, these are made of better quality hair and I have had them for years!

The track I am holding is the first one that I install just above my nape.  It is approximately the length of three wig clips but only has a clip stitched to either end.  I don't like wig clips in my hair so I made these clip in's using as few clips as possible.

Hair taken out of the loose bun I had been wearing yesterday.  It looks shorter than it did on relaxer day as the ends are all bent and I haven't combed it in days.   I did not comb my hair whilst installing the clips.

Next I parted my hair where the first track was to be placed and then clipped then clipped it in and carried on parting and clipping until all the tracks were installed.  I'm not precious about spacing or making sure they are in perfect.  I have worn clip ins for years and they have never fallen out or anything like that.

First clip in installed

Almost done.  You can really see the difference in texture between the extension hair and my hair.   Also the colour is now completely different now that my hair is in better condition that it was previously.

Installing the clip ins takes less than 10mins.  This time around I installed the 1 inch wide clip ins at the top as the colour of the smaller clips is now closest to my hair colour. 

Next I did a Caruso set and left the rollers in for 20mins.  I would have preferred to use my hot rollers as they give a better result on the extension hair.

I didn't want to flat iron my hair just to make it blend better so I just wore the clip ins and my hair as it was, it was dark where I was going anyway and everyone knows this ain't my hair!

The end result

I really need to make some new clip ins.  If anyone knows of a decent brand of human hair that is close to texlaxed hair in texture (prior to flat ironing) please let me know.  

Ciao 4 Now

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  1. Haha I have a pair of those "lyin around" as well :)


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