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Crochet Braids #3: Install

"I installed my current set of Crochet Braids on 21.04.12 and it took about 4hrs in total."

So, after I'd finished the whole process which is involved in my wash day, I set about installing these Diana Ross'esque extensions:-

** First things first, I made sure I had filed and painted my nails!  I am always careful about keeping my nails smooth to keep snags to a minimum when I am doing my hair.  When it comes to braiding my hai I am extra vigillant.  As I'm manipulating my hair so much I make sure I paint my nails first so I can ensure that they are as smooth as possible.  This time I used MUA shade 19 and it's a total bargain at just £1!!!  It is a nice neutral shade and goes on really easily.**

1.  I used my cheapo wide tooth rat tail comb to setion off my hair for braiding into cornrows.  I detangled each section from ends to root, first using the HS Jumbo Rake ccomb and then followed that up with the wide tooth side of the Denman comb.  I am loving this new addition to my set of combs.  I added JBCO to my scalp along each new parting and also applied JBCO to the length of my hair before installing each braid.  Adding the JBCO really softened my hair which  resulted in minimal breakage whilst braiding.

Left to Right:  1. Denman Ebonite comb, 2. Cheapo BSS Wide Tooth Rat Tail comb & 3.  Hercules Sagemann Jumbo Rake comb.

2.  I did the same braid pattern as my last install.  Again I added some extension hair to the braid at the nape but this time I also added extension hair to the first braid on either side (right above my ears).  All of the other braids were made using only my own hair.  The braids are not tight at all.

I'm thinking that next time I install this hair I will do a horizontal braid at the bottom again but I might also do another horizontal braid at the front to hide the cornrows which I will start from behind the horizontal braid at the front.  This way I will be able to have a fringe.  I won't be able to have a part though...

For now, I may add some more hair to this install at the front in order to make a fringe.

I was surprised to see how close together my braids look at the back this time around.  This time I installed 12 braids instead of 14.  The difference in appearance is either due to the way I braided or my hair may have thickened up which is news to me!  Good news!  I'm not gonna knock it either way...!

3.  Next I set about installing the hair starting at the horizontal braid at the nape.  I braid a horizontal braid on the nape for two reasons.  The first reason is to protect my nape which is weaker than the rest of my hair.  If I braid my hair all the way down it puts a strain on my nape area and causes breakage.  The secon reason is to that when/if I wear the hair up it looks a bit neater than if the ends of the braids were right at the bottom.

4.  Again it took 2hrs to install the hair.  The braiding took 1hr and 45mins.

This is the hair I used.  I used colour 1b at the back and colour 2 at the front. I noticed that the 1b was much softer than the 2 in texture, however the colour 1b consisted mainly of half sized strands which was a pain the backside as I installed the hair at full length, and then cut it.  I have most of the short hair at the back.  I'll definitely be more picky if I purchase this hair again and inspect every bundle contained in the pack to make sure it is all LONG hair.  The next time I try these kinky afro twists I will use the Marley Braid hair to see if it's easier to manage.

I still need to do some alterations but I'll either do it later or tomorrow evening.  I haven't got a clue how I am going to wear my hair to the office tomorrow.  That should be fun.  This hair is HUGE!  To tame and soften the hair I have been using a mix of water and fabric softener (yep the stuff you use on your laundry!).  I used it today for the first time and it seemed to work well.

Right, I'm off to go figure out a suitable style to fling dis hair into for the office tomorrow...!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This looks beautiful.I really want to try it. But what did you do with the little bundle of braids that you have tied up there in the back? Did you leave them bundled up under the afro weave?

  2. What did you do with the bundle of braids you have in the ponytail holder?

  3. @Azziza Joi

    Hi There (",)

    Sorry it has taken so long to respond, for some reason it was awating moderation which is very unusual.

    In response to your question, all I did was gather the ends of the cornrows up to a ponytail holder to make a small bun. I then leave the hair exactly this way throughout the duration of the crochet braid install. I find that it a) makes it easier to take down the style b) enables me to apply moisturiser, conditioner, oils and anti-breakage serum to my ends and the length of my hair as I can undo the bun, do what I have to to my ends and then put the bun back in and c) means that I can keep the cornrows tighter when the newgrowth starts to come into it's own.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. hey there , how long did this hairstyle last 4? and did you only use 2 packs?
    did you comb the marley hair first?

    would appreciate ur help :)

    *uni girl on a budget*

  5. Hi MissJay

    Thanks for commenting and please accept my apologies for the late response. I didn't see your comment until a few minutes ago as it didn't automatically publish or notify me! I feel so bad that your comment is almost a month old!!!

    For me this hairstyle was not a success. This is purely due to the type of hair I used and the fact that I was going on holiday and wanted a no fuss hairstyle. This hair would not have been such for me as it was just too wild. I will probably try it again but with a softer textured afro hair which is easy to finger comb and braid or put in a bun for bedtime as I couldn't do either of those things with this hair. It's a shame though as I thought it looked freakin' amazing (even if I do say so myself) I LOVE BIG HAIR!!!

    Did you try it out?

    Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it.


  6. hello i wanted to know how many packet of hair did you used please, as am gonna attempt doing this afro crochet this week by my self and i can't wait... thanks

  7. @Paule Funso


    I can't believe I didn't write down the amount of hair used for this install! **rolls eyes**

    I did this almost a year ago, but if my memory serves me correctly I used less than two packs. I think I had a pack of 1B which I used at the back and a pack of 2 which I used predominantly at the front.

    I really loved this style and I may try it again with afro hair but I think I will opt for a different brand of hair which is easier to tame - maybe even human afro kinky hair, I think that would look and feel great!

    Thanks for commenting and good luck with your install!!!!


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